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 Welcome to my sylvanian website.

I have been collecting sylvanians as an adult since 2004. I loved them as a child and still own some of my old collection. My first sylvanians were scarlett slydale and heather thistlethorn! which i brought in 1987! I mainly just collect the figures and just buy the buildings and other sets that I really like. I only get one version of each family, some are UK, some JP and even a few are US. I now have a version of all the uk families, from tomy and flair. Just have to complete the figure sets now. Im also well on my way to getting all the new epoch families.


lots of love Kirsty Corntop (this is not my real name in case you were wondering!)


link to new forum. http://sylvanianfamiliesforum.co.za



MAY 2016.

OMG! Its been over a year since I've updated. My sylvanian collecting has slowed down since I own most of the uk figures which has always been my aim. I still need a few tomy playset figures but as they are hard to come by, I'm mainly just buying the new epoch things. I wont be buying all the epoch figures, just the completely new families and the figure sets. I really need to take pictures of my new things, so hopefully I will have time in the next couple of months. I also need to update the epoch lists, as there are so many new things to add! Thankyou for still looking at my website and I hope the information is useful.

May 2016. Ive added a few new pictures to the epoch section. Ive updated the epoch list. I still need to update the family bio section. Oh and ive changed the background! Do you like the picture at the top? Its from the old tomy pictures that were on the back of the box. I just love this picture. It reminds me of my childhood!