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EPOCH ITEMS. 2014-2016

 Epoch items availble from 2014. (all items and names take from the epoch 2014 catalog.) please note that some of the names in the epoch catolog are different from the ones in the ssk catolog. please look at the family bios section for the ssk bios. 


Chocolate rabbits. frazier, terri,coco, freya. SB= creme. T=kabe and breeze. GP= rhys and patricia.

Walnut squirrel family. Cedric, yardley, ralph, saffron. SB= ambrose. T= alfie and alyssa.

Hedgehog family. mortimer, eleanor, maxwell, abigail. SBB=bilberry. SBG= peaches.

golightlysilk cat family. fred, holly, toby, tiffany. SBG=gilly. T= george and ginni. 

periwinkle milk rabbit family. alex, kate, oliver, rebecca. SB=henry.

petite bear family. Patrick, margaret, piers, andromeda. SB=jason. T= freddie and halley.

hawthorn white mouse family. hickory, imogen, bryce, laurel.SB= mabel. T= matt and mel.

harvey grey cat family. perkin, dorothy, austin, zara.SB=liberty. T=ashton and lulu.

doughty chiffon dog family. gordon, delia, david, karen. SBB=brooklyn.SBG=hayley. T= austin and nigella.

dale sheep family. ewan, barbara, winton, lona. SB=emma. T= sean and shona.

hamilton hamster family. huckleberry, hilda, george, jane. SB= robin. T= neil and christine.

Lopez chihuahua dog family. cesar, conchita, pablo, laya. SB=joelynda.T= pepi and lola.

Kennelworth black dalmation dogs. montgomery, dorothy, rufus, clara.SB=timothy. T=dot and dash.

Persis persian cat family. septimus, salome, nolly, sadie. SB=marcus.T=roma and rona.

Fletcher border collie family. stanley, petunia, scott, jodie.T=jeremy and mia.

Hunter-smyth chocolate labrador family. charles, camilla, hector, isabella. 

Pembrook corgi dog family. duke, queenie, earl, duchess.

Dappledawn rabbit family. herbage, theodora, radish, tilly.

Springer kangeroo family. bruce, shelia, joanne.teeny baby=joey.T= joseph and josephine.

Buckley red deer family. rupert, agatha, freddie, maria. SB=oscar. T= matthew and lily.

Bamboo panda family. bertram, alexandra, kane, clarice. SBB=remi.SBG=lena. T= chichi and mimi.

Spotter meercat family. harry, beatrix, alfie, gail.TRI= penelope, peregrine, prudence.GP=cliff and clarice. 

macavity celebration cat family. alonzo, cassandra, rumpus, asparagus. OB= mistoffelees.OS= grizabella. B=skimble.

buttercup friesian cow family. hornbull, daisy, paddock, annabell. SB= cheddar. GP=angus and bessie.

fielding field mouse family. darcy, bridget, daniel, helen. 

slydale fox family. slick, velvette, buster, scarlett. SBB=skitter. SBG=lindy.

darwin monkey family. geoff, shirley, simion, katie. T=bobo and bubbies

water beaver family. wade, nancy, misty. baby= bucky.

robinson red panda family. wilbur, fliss, frances. baby= cali.

neptune sea otter family. caspian, narrisa, shelly.baby= sandy.


Cosy cottage starter home. Comes with freya chocolate (red dress), sink/oven, table, two chairs, bench, plate, fying pan, food and spatula.

Beechwood hall. Cedar terrace. Maple manor with car port. Grand hotel. Log cabin. Treehouse. Seaside restaurant. Supermarket. Toyshop. Sweets store. Hamburger restaurant. Forest nursery. Country tree school. Country doctor.


Bluebell seven seater. Family saloon car. Roof rack with picnic set to fit previous two cars. Campervan. The caravan. Ice cream van. Fish and chips van. Nursery double decker bus. 

Figure sets.

Chocolate rabbit father set with settee. Chocolate rabbit mother set with fridge. Chocolate rabbit sister set with desk. Chocolate rabbit brother set with toilet. Chocolate rabbit baby set with cot. Chocolate rabbit twin babies with double pram.

Garden barbecue set with maurice chantilly cat father. Day at the seaside set with (farthing) dog brother and father. Ingrid blackberry with camping set. Dolly sheep with candy floss cart. Elsie cow with Ice cream cart. Freya chocolate rabbits day at the seaside. Cylcling adventure with maria the red deer.  beach fun and games with betty and ingrid blackberry. supermarket owners with perkin and dorothy grey cats. ice cream driver and seller with vincent and violet beaufort. Juice bar with betty blackberry rabbit. Grocery shopping with imogen and mel white mice. Nursery play set with creme chocolate rabbit and ambrose walnut squirrel babies. nursery picnic set with gilly silk cat baby. school music set with freya chocolate rabbit. school friends set with rebecca milk rabbit and ralph walnut squirrel. school lunch set with andromeda bear. Country dentist set with alex milk rabbit father. country nurse set with kate milk rabbit mother. cycling with mother, includes mother and baby dog (farthings). The new arrival with myriam and jacque chantilly. baby bath time with andromeda and jason. babies ride and play with kate milk rabbit mother, henry milk rabbit baby and ambrose walnut squirrel baby. peaches and freddies swing and play, include baby bear and rabbit.

Carry cases.

singles. McCavity cat on seesaw. Milk rabbit in basket. Cottontail tabbit in walker. 

doubles. Chocolate rabbit in walker and beagle dog. crawling milk rabbit and mccavity baby.

furniture and accessories.

Baby crib. pushchair. double pushchair. triple baby bunk beds. high chair. childrens bedroom furniture. baby jungle gym. baby car and trcycle. baby double seesaw. piano set. girls dressing table. scumptious sandwiches sets. refrigerator set, cupboard with oven. breakfast set. kitchen cooking set. family table and chairs. dinner for two set. kitchen cookware set. dinner party set. party set. 3 piece suite. deluxe tv set. semi double bed. classic telephone. home interiors set. washing machine set. toilet set. bath and shower set. 

Room sets. girls bedroom set. sister bedroom set. nightlight nursey set. baby room set. master bedroom set. country kitchen set. counttry bathroom set. deluxe living room set. luxury living room set. rustic kitchen set. cosy living room set. 

outside sets. ornate garden table and chairs. vegatable garden set. family barbecue set. red telephone box. school toilets. nusey party set. popcorn cart. soft serve ice cream shop. candy cart. village shoe shop. canoe set. swan boat set.


Accessories set. Adventure treasure ship. day trip accessories set. splash and play whale. seaside cruiser with freya chocolate.

figure sets. Seaside birthday party with freya chocolate rabbit. seaside camping set with tiffany golightly cat.

carry case singles. Alfie walnut squirrel with car. kabe chocolate with pink high chair. liberty harvey cat with cream basket. melody osbourne bear with rocking horse. olive marlowe cat with seesaw. poppy fenton dog with yellow and pink slide. ginni golightly cat with swing. breeze chocolate rabbit with pink piano. henry periwinkle rabbit with yellow pushchair.

families. Polaris polar bear family. dad= peter. mum=barbara. sister= julia. baby sister=beth.

sandy striped cat family. dad=simon. mum=amelia. sister=sabrina. brother=shane. twin cats, brother=scott. sister=skylar. standing baby sister=apricot.

marlowe tuxedo cat family. dad=mason. mum=natalie. sisters= lily and rose

fenton yellow labrador family. dad=barker. mum=lucy. sister=sadie. brother=buddy. standing baby girl= poppy.twin babies, brother=marley. sister=shiloh.

brightfield goat family. dad=billy. mum=nancy. sister=mandy .baby sister=jenny.

Chocolate rabbit grandparents 2015 edition. rhys and patricia.  


Persian cat family. dad=Arthur Teak. Mum=Cecilia. Sister= Nora. Bro=Felix. BGT=Nel. BBT=Ned. SBG=Bonnie.

Hedgehog Family. Mum= Eleanor Bramble. dad= Mortimer. Sis=Abigail. Bro=Maxwell. SBB=Bilberry.(These figures and names are a re-release and the same as tomy and flair). Baby twins. G=Hazel. B=Honey. (The baby twins are new).

Cottontail rabbit family. Dad= Aaron. mum=Sorrel. Bro= Gromwell. Sis=Willow. BB=Charlie. (the cottentails are the same as the flair release.Epoch have changed the baby boys name as it used to be Comfrey).

Darwin monkey family. Mum=Shirley. dad= Geoff. Sis=Katie. (these are the same as the flair version but without the brother.)

Robinson red panda family. dad=Wilbur. Mum=Fliss. Sis=Frances. (These are the same as the flair version but without the brother.

 Garden party set. Luxury master bedroom set. Luxury four poster bed. (same as old flair releases.)

Ballroom set. Housekeeping set. Butler set. (these are the same as the flair version.) Nursery bathroom set. nursery party set. Classic furniture set with mother chocolate rabbit. 

Sercret Island playhouse. Seaside merry-go-round.Seaside ice cream shop that comes with the striped mother cat in a yellow uniform. Brick oven bakery with a hedgehog mother in a checked green dress. Pizza delievery set with a father hedgehog in a checked green uniform. Boutique. Convertible car. Hotdog van

Seaside Treasure set with a tuxedo cat sister in a swimming costume.Seaside friends with a chocolate rabbit sister and striped cat sister wearing  nautical colour dresses. Girls swimwear set with a sister and baby sister chocolate rabbits wearing pink swimming costumes. Cosmetic counter with a teak cat sister. Dressing area set with a chocolate rabbit sister .Doughnut store with a Petite bear mother. 

Baby carry cases. (these are all old flair ones). milk rabbit on pink rocking horse. beagle dog on pony ride. petite bear(old version) on a yellow trike. panda on a red train. petite bear in nursery outfit.  striped cat at desk.

cuboard with oven. Homemade pancake set.Kitchen stove, sink and counter set.Garden decoration set.