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Families and bio's list.



This is a list of what year each familiy was released in the uk and their bio's.  I have used collectors catalogues and the uk collectors club history magazine so they should be correct.


1. Timbertop brown bear family.

GD=Gus loves honey.he knows where all the bees live so he can go and collect it himself.GM= Fern is famous for her granberry pie, made from secret recipe of forest berries. D=Taylor loves his six children so much and hugs them all the time.M=Rose just adores children.there are so many in her house, its hard to tell which ones belong to her.OB=Birch loves exploring.he knows all the secret paths and hidden caves in the woods. OS=Ivy loves to sew. her dad still wears the first shirt she ever made him.YB=Bud is very keen on sport.whether its running, swimming or jumping, youll always find him taking part.YS=Daisy cant wait to be a grown up.she's always in the kitchen helping to bake and secretly licking the spoon!BB=Burl takes after his brother birch.set him on the floor and he'll crawl all around the house exploring.BS=Blossom is a really happy baby.all day long she giggles and laughs.

2. Evergreen grey bear family

. GD= Ernest is an inventor.He's always inventing something.They don't always work out though . GM= Primrose can forecast the weather.her ears twitch if it's sunny and her toes itch if it's rainy.  D= Forrest is the local doctor. All the children love the lemon drops he gives them. M= Honeysuckle reads all the time. She'll read to anyone who will listen.  OB= Logan is going to be a scientist. He helps grandfather with his inventions.  OS= Summer loves school. she rushes there to meet her friends-and learns a bit too!  YB= Preston is always fooling about in class. But he's so funny, even the teacher laughs sometimes.  YS= Ashley just can't slow down. She thinks quickly, talks quickly and moves at the speed of light! BB= Dusty is the opposite of his twin sister Poppy. He loves to while away the hours sleeping. BS=  Poppy is a bundle of fun. Her favorite game is peek-a-boo.

3. Wildwood brown rabbit family.

GD= Smokey loves to play with the children so much that he looks like he's getting younger. GM= Flora likes a quite life. She's the quietest oe in her family. D= Herb loves to throw a party. He likes to be surrounded by his friends. M= Ginger is famous for her beautiful party food. Nobody's late when she's cooking! B= Rusty is very, very musical. He can play a tambourine with his long ears! S=Hollie loves parties, especially the ones at christmas and new year. BB= Barkley can't sleep when there's a party on. Instead he hums in time to the music. BS= Juniper is an easy going baby who can sleep through her familiy's loudest parties.

4. Babblebrook grey rabbit family.

GD= Cliff has the gift of the gab. He'll tell you the tallest stories you've ever heard. GM= Pearl is the worst cook in the woods. She even burns the toast for breakfast. D= Rocky runs the general store. His shop stocks just about everything that you could wish to buy. M= Crystal does not take after Pearl. She is the best cook in the woods. She even wrote a recipe book. B= Bubba has got the most amazing sense of hearing. He says he can even hear the grass grow. S= Breezy always likes to have her own way. It's lucky she's so nice really. BB= Sandy always wants to get out of his cradle to see what his twin Coral is up to. BS= Coral is really noisy when she's hungry. She cries and cries and rattles her cradle when it's time to eat.

5. Thistlethorn grey mice family.

D= Chester is the editor of the newspaper. When there isn't much news, he writes a story instead. M= Willow has got absolutely perfect manners. She teaches all her children to be polite.  B= Lester is always playing tricks. Once he jumped out on Prissy and shouted 'boo' so loudly, he frightened himself! S= Prissy sings all the time. She's so happy, she brings a smile to the saddest sylvanian's face. BB= Barry has got really cute little ears. He loves being sung to and talked to. BS= Heather loves to keep dropping her bottle on the floor. She keeps her mother running all day to pick it up. 

6. McBurrows mole family.

D= Digger is an expert at making tunnels. His family is always cosy no matter what the weather. M= Heidi is very house-proud. No matter when you visit you will always find her cleaning. B= Muddy drives his mother up the wall. He just cannot keep his clothes clean. He's always covered in mud. S= Molly is very clever with her hands. She loves to make presents for all her family and friends. BB= Monty wriggles and wriggles about in his cot. That's why his blanket is always on the floor. BS= Mo burrows so far under her blankets, you can't tell she's there when when she's asleep.


7. Treefellow owl family.

D= Aristotle is headmaster of the school. Hes always got his nose in a book. M= Arabella met aristotle when she was training to be a teacher. She's always helping children with their homework. Yellow B= Winky takes after is dad. He's the cleverest boy in his school. Red B= Grumpy has got a very short temper. Be careful not to annoy him, won't you. Blue B= Blinky loves to sit quiently and think. trouble is, when its too quite he falls asleep.

8. Slydale fox family.

D= Slick is very clever. He'll know the answer to any question you ask him. M= Velvette is always on the lookout for a bargain. She'll travel miles to find a shop sale. B= Buster is a real handful. Everyone says his middle name is trouble. S = Scarlett has the fuzziest, reddest foxy tail of all. And she's very pround of it too. BB= Skitter is always on the go. He's always running off with his sisters toys. BS= Lindy is a lively little lady who just loves to laugh.

9. Waters beaver family.

D= Wade is the best house builder in the woods. What kind of house would you like? M= Nancy grows the most beautiful flowers in town. She's famous for her miniature roses.  B= Roger is so popular, he was voted head boy of his school. S= Misty daydreams all the time. She dreams of being a dancer one day. BB= Bucky has got the widest grin in the woods. You just can't help but love him.  BS= Bubble is so called because her favorite game is blowing bubbles in the bath.

10. Chestnut racoon family.

D= Durwood and his family are a little eccentric.He says thats why they are so much fun. M= Pansy is forever getting mixed up.once she made a christmas cake at easter. B= Grover is always asking crazy questions.What time is tomorrow? Where is up? S= Myrtle once threw herself a surprise party!  BB= Ricky sleeps all day and then wakes up at night. Hes always complaining that hes too hot in winter and too cold in summer. BS= Amy is always getting her words muddled up. Once she asked for a mottle of bilk instead a bottle of milk.

The Chestnut Raccoons were only availble through the Sylvanian token collectors scheme.

11. Oakwood squirrel family.

D= Ollie runs the sylvanian bakery. He's always giving away cakes and buns so he's very popular with the young sylvanians. M= Betsy is always making new kinds of bread. No one knows what to expect. once she made a loaf shaped like the underwoods caravan!  B= Barnaby won't stay out of the bakery. He's full of suggestions for his mother and sometimes she lets him bake a cake. S= Bluebell likes shopping. She spends a lot of time in rocky babblebrooks store, buying ingredients for her mother. BB= Acorn is the noisest child in sylvania. He never wants to go to bed especially in summer when it's still light outside. BS= Abbie is the exact opposite of her brother. Good as gold and the sweetest child you could ever hope to meet.


12. Corntop rabbit family.

D= Hector loves digging his garden. He's never happier than when he's planting carrots. M= Christabel is very proud of her fruit trees, and her apples are famous for being the most crisp and delicious in sylvania. B= Scott can run faster than any other rabbit in sylvania. He's always organising races to prove it. S= Kirsty loves dancing and once organised a barn dance with Misty Waters for all the young sylvanians. BB= Kim wants to learn to dance too- only he can't remember all the steps Kirsty shows him. BS= Cora likes to help her father in the garden, but she prefers pulling carrots up to planting them. 

13. Forrester dog family.

D= Ryan spends all day cutting down trees for fuel and wood to make furniture and house with. M= Rachel makes sure that two new trees are planted every time one is cut down. Her favorite are the oak trees. B= Patch enjoys nothing more than clearing away bracken and brambles to keep the forest paths clear. S= Penny is very clever at making decorations from fir cones, leaves and pieces of wood. BB= Nipper is scared of thunder storms and always burries himself in his cradle when it rains, even if its just a shower. BS= Nicky likes to sit in her cradle out in the garden and listen to the birds singing.

 14. Catwood cat family.

D= Bob keeps the library. He's very good at remembering where things are-very useful when Kitty loses her things. M= Kitty writes down records of everything that happens in the woods, and she's always the first one to know about important dates like birthdays. B= Thomas tells stories of adventure and distant lands to the young sylvanians- some people think he makes them up. S= Tabitha loves to paint pictures of the beautiful woods- but she's always too busy to paint portraits of her friends. BB= Chess likes scribbling with his crayons, he cannot understand why no one can tell what his pictures are.  BS= Feebi collects things, anything from games and books to oddly shaped bits of wood and milk bottle tops.what a muddle!

15. Underwood badger family.

D= Benjamin likes to turn up unexpectedly. But he's always welcome because he is an expert at mending broken furniture and putting up shelves. M= Beatrix drives the Underwood's caravan. She knows how to look after animals and mend anything with wheels. B= Byron likes to take pictures with his grandfathers camera. His photo album is the most popular book in sylvania. S= Bess is friends with all the girls in sylvania and likes to spread news between the families. BB= Hugh takes trolley bricks everywhere he goes. There are always one or two in his cradle! BS= Ella loves to sit on the caravan and just watch the world go by as they travel around.


16. Snow-warren white rabbit family.

D= Clarence spends his time repairing furniture that was going to be thrown away because it was broken. He says it's sensible to mend old things rather than keep buying new things. "Waste not, want not" is his motto. M= Lettuce takes the furniture that Clarence repairs and makes every item better than new. She smooths any rough corners, decorates them with a lick of paint, polishes them up and puts new covering on if necessary. B= Lucky is very good at finding things. Once, when Ernest Evergreen lost his spectacles, Lucky found them under the sofa. Ernest said, "Well, it's lucky you were here.You really are lucky by name and lucky by nature!" S= Sophie treasure spends most of her time riding her bike around the forest collecting bits and pieces in her basket. She calls these bits and pieces her treasure which is how she got her middle name. BB= Blackie got his name because he's so dirty no matter where he is, much to Lettuces dismay. BS= Alice is very adventurous. Last week she was a mountaineer and climbed the sofa in the front room and had to be rescued by Clarence once she reached the top. 

17. Puddleford duck family.

D= Nelson is an expert plumber. Whenever anyone has a leaking tap, he's immediately on hand to mend it. M= Beth makes the most refreshing iced drinks, and all the children come from miles around to try them! Blue B= Tom takes after his dad. He's facinated by tubes and pipes, and wants to be a plumber when he grows up. Pink S= Sammy on the other hand hates rainy days. She stays inside during storms and wont go out until all the puddles have dried up. Yellow S= Maisy loves watching the rain fall. Then when it stops she rushes outside to splash about in the puddles!

18. Honeybear bear family.

 D= Bertie is the miller and he's so kind, he gives bags of flour to his friends when they come to call!  M= Tamsie is a very good baker. She loves making cakes and puddings, especially if they have tasty fruits and berries in them.  B= Diggory always helps his father deliever the flour on Saturdays. He's getting very big and strong carrying all those heavy bags about! S= Katy loves collecting ingredients for her mother. Every day she fills a big basket with fruit and berries on her way home from school. BB= Jeremy and BS= Lucy are known as the terrible twins! They are always making a noise and being naughty, except when Honeysuckle is with them, because they love to listen to her reading them stories.

The Honeybears were only availble through the Sylvanian token collectors scheme.

In 1989 to 1991 came the first horses. Bramble(grey) with the caravan. Holly (cream) with the stable. Ivy (brown) with the pony and trap. Willow (cream) with the pony set. Nutmeg (brown) with the ice cream cart. Strawberry (tan) the baby foal.


19. Solitaire cats.

D= Ferdinard spends alot of his time gazing at the stars. If you ask him nicely he'll tell you the names of them all. But he would love to get a telescope so he could look at them more closely. M= Talullah says she can tell the future by reading tea leaves But infact she's only pretending really! Whenever anyone finishes their tea, she'll stare at the cup and tell them what's going to happen to them - and sometimes she's right!. B= Zack, like his father, just loves star-gazing. As well as learning the names of the stars from Ferdinand, he's looking for a new one that he can name after his mother. S= Zara loves helping her mother. Every day she drinks lots of tea just so Tallulah can tell her fortune. But strangely enough, Tallulah always 'predicts' the same thing, "If your're a good girl, you'll get a bowl of cream for tea!". BB= Dixie and BS= Trixie are twins, who go everywhere together and do everything together. Once when Dixie got a splinter in his paw, Trixie had to have a bandage and a kiss to make it better.

The solitare cats cats could only be obtained through the sylvanian token collectors scheme and larger woolworths stores.

20. Bramble hedgehogs.

D= Mortimer is the sylvanian tailor. He makes all the clothes for everyone in sylvania. He loves sewing, while gently rocking in his rocking chair. M= Eleanor designs and makes all the special sylvanian costumes like wedding outfits and sunday best clothes. B= Maxwell is learning how to be a tailor like his dad. He's particularly good at measuring up material, but he can't play with the needles and scissors as this would be dangerous. S= Abigail likes designing clothes. She's especially good at designing dresses and frocks for herself which, if she is good, Mortimer and Eleanor will make for her. BB= Bilberry gathers up all the little pieces of material that are left over, puts them together in a pile and curls up in the middle of them. BS= Peaches is a very, very naughty little girl! she's always taking herfathers tailor's chalk and drawing patterns on the walls and furniture. Even though this washes off easily, it is still a very naughty thing to do.

21. Bullrush frogs.

D= Walter spends most of his time fishing from a lily pad, singing in his rough, croaky voice. M= Lydia, unlike her husband, is very hard working. she weaves the most beautiful baskets out of bullrushes.  B= Algernon is known as Algy to his friends. He takes after his mother and loves to help her.  S= Lily has a very good voice, unlike her father- in fact she wants to be an opera singer when she grows up!  BB= Moses adores having baths. He spends hours splashing about with his rubber ducks and bath-time toys. BS= Iris, on the other hand, hates being bathed. When it's her turn in the tub she cries and bawls and splashes the water about. 


22. Bamboo pandas

. D= Bertram writes huge, important books about the history of sylvania, locked away in his study for hours. He is also famous for being very accident prone! M= Alexandra does lots of good works such as raising money to open a home for retired horses. She's a very friendly lady and all the sylvanian folk like her alot. B= Kane is the oldest son. he plans to follow his father and to be a writer one day. unfortunatly he's already just like his father, he's also very accident prone! S= Clarice absolutely adores horses. she spends all her time at the stables, grooming and working with them. One day she wants to be a famous show jumper. BB= Remi loves to paint. He can paint on anything and usually does, only to find he has to promise never to do it again! BS= Lena is a giggler. She giggles at the slightest thing and, with her familiy tripping up and knocking things over, she finds there's plenty to giggle about in her house. (note, the mum's bio is slightly different for the re-release. she likes helping everyone and does lots of charity work, raising money for good causes and important projects. School governor, village councillor, chairperson of the womans union, any job, she is always ready to take it on! also the twin set release in 2008 have different names, B= chichi and G= mimi. there bio is the same as the 1990's baby girl. The 2012 single babies are called Remi and Lena. )

23. Marmalade bears.

D= Maurice is so incredibly fussy, neat and tidy, that he drives everyone mad. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is his motto. M= Margot believes in keeping up appearences. She even has a special voice for answering the telephone. B= Oscar is very sporty- in fact he loves any games where he can get dirty! His father is always scolding him about his appearence. S= Ottilee is a tomboy and wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. She's constantly practising her firefighting skills by climbing trees and running amok with the garden hose.BB= Kit  BS= Karenza. They are continuously fighting, making a noise and generally being the naughtiest babies in sylvania.

24. Nettlefield goats.

D= Ramsey never, ever rushes. He likes to think long and hard before starting anything. His wife claims that his favorite word is "but". "But its too late to put up shelves." "But I have no nails." "But why do we need more shelves?" "But I need to think." M= Caprina is over worked looking after her family. Ramsey always needs nagging and takes forever before he will do anything. Her kids known as Billy and Nanny are always eating and will eat anything, so she has to keep an eye on them at all times. But through it all, Caprina says she wouldn't change them for the world! BB= William. BS= Nanette. William's favorite food is brussels sprouts, especially when they are cooked with a pinch of basil. Nanette likes spinach best of all and her favorite is spinach in butter. Both babies will of course eat anything, from the flowers that Ramsey brought caprina because he had not finished the shelves, to the bowl of pot-pourri in the front room. nothing is safe when thses two are hungry!

Dandelion twins (Lavender and Larkspur). No one knows how they came to the Sylvanian woods. One day when Tamsie Honeybear was out looking for berries, she saw an unusual pile of leaves. When she looked under it, there they were cosily curled up, sound asleep. Tamsie took them straight home and, after bathing them, feeding them and snuggling them up in bed, she went out and asked every Sylvanian she could find if they knew anything about the twins. No one did. It is all so mysterious that Tamsie secretly thinks that they may have been left by good fairies. Could you find a home for them in your collection?


25. Vandyke otters.

D= Ebb lives with the rest of his family on the Rose of sylvania. They slowly travel up and down the river, having lots of adventures, and meeting lots of interesting people. Ebb is very keen on keeping the river enviroment clean and tidy. He gets very cross when he sees rubbish on the river bankor even worse floating on the water. He is always putting up notices, "Keep Sylvania clean" and "Use the bin provided."  M= Flo runs the Sylvanian swimming classes as well as navigating the canal boat and looking after her family. All her family swim very well, but Flo wants everyone in Sylvania to be able to swim, because as she says "water is dangerous but supervised swimming is lots of fun so come and join us."  B= Brook is always getting in trouble! Not because he is bad or naughty, it's just that he is so terribly inquisitive. Once he got his head stuck in a large storage jar because he wanted to see what was inside. His sister insists he is just nosey, which upsets Brook. S= Spring is the artist of the family! She is responsible for all the lovely decorations on the rose of sylvania. Spring spends hours on deck in the sunshine drawing new designs for everything from buckets to the cabin doors. her mother says she gets her artistic ability from her great, great grandfather who has some of his paintings hanging in the Sylvanian museum. BB= Eddy. BS= Becky. The baby Vandykes have their own baby language which they converse in all day long. No one knows just what they talk about because it's baby talk, but whatever it is they manage to talk about it all day every day. Brook thinks they talk in this strange way because everyone goes "coo coo" to them!

Marmalade grandparents.

GD= Quincy never seems to sit down- especially when granddaughter Ottilee is around! Ottilee is always dragging him off to play firefighters. He can't resist any request from Ottilee. So, even though he knows it will get him in big trouble with Clementine for getting himself and Ottilee all muddy and wet, he never says no. By the way, he's building her a lovely red fire engine for her birthday, but it's a secret so please don't tell her! GM= Clementine is a wonderful granny. Not only does she make the best blackberry and apple pies you have ever tasted, she also loves to be with her grandchildren and often has them over to stay. It's great fun because she spoils them so with delicious treats and arranges wonderful little trips to exicting places.

26. Truffle wild boars.

D= Eustace Barrington is the Sylvanian dentist. He may look rather frightening with his big, strong healthy tusks and even bigger name, but everyone knows that under that gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. In fact, he knows some very funny jokes, which is why all Sylvanian children like going to the dentist!  M= Victoria like her darling husband is also a dentist, and possibly the strongest lady in Sylvania! This is lucky, because Eustace does not like pulling teeth, so Victoria is in charge of removing wisdom teeth. She is also better than Eustace at making the patients feel comfortable and keeping the appointment book. blue b= Charlie chocolate has been given his nickname for a very good reason. He adores chocolate! In fact, although his father only gives him chocolate on special occasions because he says it's bad for his teeth, and he should know! Charlie's face always seems to be covered with the stuff. Exactly where he finds his secret supply of chocolate is one of the great Sylvanian mysteries! yellow s= Susan Mary unlike her little brother is a dentists dream come true! She has perfect white teeth and a huge, dazzling smile. Would you believe that she has never had a filling in her life!! She says that when she grows up she wants to be a dentist like her mummy and daddy. The only thing that annoys her is that, because she is a little girl wild boar, she will never have big, gleaming white tusks like her daddy. pink s= Felicity eats her food much too quickly. That's proberly while she always seems to have a tummy ache. When her parents ask her why she eats so fast, she says that, if she doesn't, her greedy little brother will munch it all!


27. Bouquet skunks.

D= Stilton and his wife Rosemary provide a grooming service at the House of Brambles department store. The business does very well because all the ladies adore Stilton, he's so charming, so debonair. Whats more, he has a wonderful, soft French accent that the ladies think 'is ever so romantic'. M= Rosemary is the business brains behind the grooming service. She also looks after the rest of their clintele, the fathers and the children. B= Sage also works in the family business cleaning and tidying, but only at weekends and after he has finished all his homework. S= Jasmin loves perfume and is always trying out all the different brands in the house of brambles department store. Her dream is to create one of her own perfume. BB= Parsley and BS= Lavender, there is only one word to describe these two mischeivous tearaways, noisy! Especially if they manage to get hold of any musical instruments in the toy box!

28. Furbank squirrels.

D= Kenneth loves acting and directing, telling people what to do with a big booming voice. He takes acting awfully seriously.  M= Emma calls everyone 'darling' or 'lovely'. Thats because she's always so busy trying to remember her lines she forgets everyones names! B= Douglas who is known as junior, spends most of his time in an imaginary world of his own- a world populated by pirates, white knights and fire breathing dragons.  S= Greta spends alot of time on her own, so that she get get on with the serious business of learning her lines. BB= Ray. BS= Fay. They have literally been born into the acting profession and they love it! In particular, they have great fun playing with all the make-up and face paints.

29. Billabong koalas.

D= Rolf is very good with the children. Everyone loves his painting lessons (where the paint goes everywhere but on the paper!) and when he teaches music, the happy din the children make with their drums, rattles and whistles can be heard miles away! M= Matilda and her husband run the Nursery tree house where all the Sylvanian babies and toddlers come to stay, play and start to learn a few basics in preparation for school, such as counting and the alphabet. As well as being a really fun grown up to play with, Matilda is an amazing cook. She makes biscuits that don't ruin your appetite and sweets that won't ruin your teeth. BB= Jason is quite the opposite to his loud sister and is much quieter. He always has his head in a book, usually about dinosaurs, and when he gets older he wants to become a famous fossil hunter and historian.  BS= Kylie is prehaps the noisiest of all the children, and that's saying something! She loves to sing at the top of her voice and wants to be a popstar when she grows up. 


30. Dappledawn rabbits.

D= Herbage loves going for long walks in, what he calls "the great outdoors". His family call him "big foot" because he takes such big strides that the children almost have to run in order to kepp up with him! M= theodora has a passion for anything old. Her favorite past time is visiting stately homes and historic monuments. She says that they bring 2history to life". The children have a great time because, whenever the family visit such places, she makes up brillant stories about the people who lived there. But her stories always have a happy ending so that her children don't have nightmares.  B= Radish loves running around castles pretending he is a gallant Knight rescuing fair maidens and challenging evil barons to duels. He also enjoys orienteering with his friends, where they have to get from one place to another as quickly as possible with the help of a map and a compass. S= Tily is a very quite little girl who happily spends hours and hours birdwatching. she knows all the birds names, where they come from and what they eat. She can even recognise birds with her eyes shut- simply by listening to their different songs! BB= Dillion never stops smiling! he's happiest sitting on his fathers braod shoulders because from up there he can watch the pretty countryside go by.  BS= Cotton is always crying or whimpering about something or other, so her poor mother is praying she will grow out of this awkward phase! 


31. Mulberry racoons.

D= Elma is a very joviel chap, who just loves telling funny stories and jokes. He is happiest when at a 'boot sale' because he can sell anything to anybody. M= Mae, her motto is 'waste not, want not'. she is true to her word because she hates to throw anything away 'just in case it might be useful'. That is why all the cupboards in their house  are groaning with strange 'useful' objects she has collected over the years. Unbeknown to Mae, Elma goes through the cupboards to find things to sell at his boot sales. B= Ike has 'wanderlust'. The problem is that he has absoulutely no sense of direction! So whenever he wanders off he inevitably gets lost- which worries his poor mother and father terribly. But even though he doesn't know where he is going, he always manges to end up at the park, playing with his friends! S= Candy is a gentle, softly spoken little girl who loves writing. Her greatest sucess to date is a poem she had published in the local paper about bramble the horse who pulls the caravan. BS= Pumpkin is a dreamy girl who loves stories, especially the classic old sylvanian taleswhich she loves to hear over and over again. She knows all the stories off by heart, and if Mae misses out a bit, pumkin will make sure the whole story is read over again. BB= Cookie, even at a young age knows what he wants to be when he grows up. He wants to be the mayor of sylvania and spends hours dreaming in his favorite spot, under the cherry tree! 


32. Waddlington ducks.

D= Mayor Bill likes to get things done and hates what he calls 'time wasting'. He's always in a rush and is often heard to say 'life is for doing not watching'. He's very proud of his mayoral chain of office, which he is rumoured to wear to bed. M= Mayoress Wanda runs the sylvanian delivery service called 'flyte path', whose motto is "one ring and we are on a wing". She's an excellent business woman, and although she doesn't rush about as much as her husband, she seems to get much more done! Blue B= Quiller is a very serious little boy who likes to think deeply! Pink S= Jemina is a dreamer, who lives in a world of her own! Yellow B= Sebastian is just like his father, always in a hurry, organising this and that and telling everyone what to do!

33. Norwood mice. 

 D= Wensleydale-Hector known as WH to his friends. he is a jolly chap who owes the newspaper,book and stationary shop called WH norwood and sons.Although he is the ower he prefers to work in the shop itself, tidying and stocking the shelves while partaking in his favorite hobby, which is gossiping with all his regular customers. M= Brie also works at the shop. she can always be found sitting at her desk in the back office keeping the business records. In her spare time she is studying very hard to become a fuuly fledged chartered accountant and strange as it may seem, cant wait to sit the difficult exams. S= Katy unlike her early rising brother, morning is not the best time for her. In fact the week is not particularly popular with her, because she doesn't like getting out of bed and going to school. On saturday she works at the shop in the afternoon of course! B= Endeavour is the paperboy for his fathers and mothers shop and is blessed with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Every day before school he gets up hours before the bird have uttered their first sleepy tweet, to name and address all the papers for delievery. Then he has a mega breakfast before speeding off on his 20 speed bike with go faster spokes, to do his rounds. BB= Norman loves paper. He loves drawing and painting and most of all loves wet, squishy paper that he can mould into different shapes. hes lucky that his parents have so much spare paper. BS= Millie is very good at crying. she's also excellent at screaming and stomping her feet until she goes red in the face. she's not very good at sleeping. thats why the other children call her shoosh because that is what their parents tell them to do every time they go near her, in case they wake her up from one of her rare snoozes.

34. Moss reindeer.

D= Cameron is a jounalist on the 'forest newspaper'; Sylvania's biggest newspaper. Everyone says u will always find Cameron wherever there's a news story. M= Rowena is editor of the 'forest newspaper', which means she is Cameron's boss! She doesn't boss him around much, just checks his work meticulously. B= Buck is known as 'scoop' to all his friends, because he runs the school magazine called 'the pupil', which he fills with tips on how to do your homework and who did what! S= Juniper is very artistic and is always doing drawnings to illustrate buck's magazine features and stories. She wants to be a book illustrator when she leaves school. BB= Charlie is a little bossy- he is always organising his family and saying things like, "Daddy can bath me and Bonnie tonite and Mummy can read us three stories. Juniper can find my pyjamas and Buck can get me a glass of water." he always gives his instructions in such a, 'i am bestowing such a great honour!' tone that the whole family is running around before they know it! BS= Bonnie, although very young, can already recite her alphabet.. backwards! Juniper thinks Buck is responsible for teaching Bonnie her back to front alphabet along with some other tricks like being able to work the video recorder and always knowing where to find the TV remote control. 


35. Beagle dogs.

D= Percy is sylvania's master baker. At 4 o'clock every morning except sundays you'll find him at the beagle and beagle bakery, making and baking his lovely crusty loaves ready to be delivered- still deliciously soft and warm - to his customers in time for their breakfasts. M= Prunella helps her husband in the bakery as often as she can. Her speciality is making cakes for special occasions. big, small, tiny, tall, she'll make cakes of any size, shape, colour or filling. B= Harold does all the bakery's deliveries on a heavy old black bicycle with a big wicker basket on the front where he puts the loaves. Although he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, he certainly isn't going to be a baker. S= Antonia loves baking bread. she loves everything about it, especially the deliciously warm smell of the freshly baked loaves. Antonia reallu enjoys helping Daddy and mummy at the bakery whenever she can after finishing her school homework.  BB= William. BS= Fiona. 


36. Petite bears.

D= Patrick spends all his time in the attic gazing through his telescope at the stars all night, dreaming of all the extra-terrestrial sylvanians in other worlds. M= Margaret known to her friends as Meg, thinks that Patrick gets too carried away with his stargazing. She prefers the mystery of astrology to astronomy. B= Piers wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and is always designing and building new toy rockets. S = Andromenda enjoys both her parents hobbies. She always reads her horoscope written by her mother in the local paper. BB= Freddy and  BS= Halley's favorite toy is the mobile of planets hanging over their cot, the first present from their father Patrick.


37. Cottontail rabbits.

D= Aaron is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker who takes great pride in his family and his work. M= Sorrel is a practical mother and home-maker who spends all her spare time- which is not much!- decorating and improving the family's beautiful home. B= Gromwell is a very energetic boy who loves football and cricket. He has the most untidiest bedroom in Sylvania. S= Willow is always up to something. Her father says she should have been called Wild, not Willow! Whether up a tree or down a hole, she's always in trouble. BB= Comfrey and BS= Angelica love their teddies, which they play with for hours.

38. Renard foxes.

D= Eric is an 'odd job' man. He mends broken windows, repairs roofs, re-hangs gates that don't close properly, you name it, he does it! In his spare time he makes wonderful toys and playthings for his lucky children. M= Roxy is a home interior decorator with great taste and fantastic colour sense. If anyone wants their house to look really stylish they call Roxy, who will rush around to see them, loaded up with wallpaper, paint and material swatch books and a head full of great ideas. B= Baden is a very energetic lad who is a fervent boy scout. When he and his sister are on one of their camping adventures, he's the one who does most of the work, collecting firewood, cooking and putting up the tent, while she plans and organises. S= Mikaela is the real outdoor type who just loves camping and ramblingg. She joined the brownies when she was very young and is now a keen girl guide who would love to live in a tent but her mother won't let her! BB= Danny is always up to mischief. Not bad or naughty mischief, just the "who left muddy paw prints on the fridge door?" kind. BS= Carrie loves her brother Danny and follows him everywhere, even though it leads her into trouble!


39. Macavity cats.

D= Alonzo as a child wanted to be a dentist, but hated the sound of drilling. Strange that he has ended up being the sylvanian builder! M= Cassandra is a bit of a stargazer and loves looking into the future. At the moment she is trying to see what she should make for dinner tonight! B= Rumpus when allowed, loves helping his father. However he is very mischievous and once actually got stuck behind a wall that his father was building. S= Asparagus has been taking cookery lessons and would like to end up being a master chef. She is always giving her mummy useful tips! BB= Etcetera loves chatting away to herself. However at the moment, nobody can understand what she is saying! BS= Skimble is a very creative little boy and loves playing with the building bricks that his daddy brought him. But sometimes he can be naughty and throws them around the room!

40. Kennelworth dogs.

D= Montgomery really enjoys doing his own decorating. He fully enjoys the boring bits, like sanding down the woodwork and stripping off the old wallpaper. M= Dorothy is a workaholic and loves to help Montgomery. If she's not doing this she's doing that. In fact she seems to be doing 101 things at once. B= Rufus is an easy-going, fun loving little boy. As everything seems so simple to him, his father says that, ' He sees everything in black and white'. S= Clara is altogether more serious. She loves doing crosswords and lots of different competitions. But most of all, her favorite is the 'sylvanian spot the difference' competition in the local paper. BB= dash. and BS= Dot as you will agree have very strange names. When they are naughty, Montgomery, who used to be a boy scout, calls out to Dorothy, dot, dot, dot, dash , dash, dash, dot, dot, dot, which is morse code for sos, help!


41. Maces mice.

D= Spencer is always kept busy as the manager of the ground floor at the House of Brambles department store. There are always shelves to fill and customers to keep happy. M= Arvey is the manageress of the house of brambles cafe on the top floor of the department store. She is just as busy as her husband Spencer but not as flustered. B= Mark loves his job as delivery boy for the house of brambles because it gets him out and about. He always has time for a chat and gossip with the customers. S= Nichole works as a shop assistant with her parents. Her favorite job is serving ice creams because she has to taste them all just to make sure they are fresh! BB= John and BS= Louise love to play house together in the large cardboard boxes in the store room. Their father, Spencer, only has to cut some windows and a door in the side of a box and they are happy for hours!

42. Plume owls.

D=Seewell is the sage of the sylvanian forest, who knows many secrets. He is the font of all knowledge and all the sylvanians flock to him for advice. M= Evangeline is versed in the ways of the weather and she can predict rain, wind or snow, weeks in advance. If you are arranging a picnic in sylvania, it is best to talk to Evangeline before fixing the date. Fleur, Dee, Lee known collectively as 'the three feathers' do everything together and are never seen apart. the threesit together in class and work very hard at all subjects, especially biology, sociology and geology.


43. Huckberry hound dogs.

D= Hubert Alan is a 'wordsmith' who loves finding out the meaning of names and new words. He was especially pleased to discover his name means 'bright minded. M= Hatty is a very level headed and pratical lady who knows what she wants. Hatty means 'house ruler' which is just what she is! B= Dennis is strong minded about what he will and will not eat; his diet of only five things and five things only! Dennis means ' belonging to the god of wine', but his parents think it should have been ...the god of whine. S= Esme neme means 'beloved' a suitable name for daddys little sweetheart. Her love of words is only matched by her fathers. BB= Jethro and BG= Cordelia are very different little babies. But prehaps in this case their parents got their names the wrong way around! His name means 'superiority', but in fact he is a lovely, quiet little boy who always shares his toys. Her name means 'warmhearted' ,but she thinks that she knows best and is always ready to argue.

44. Periwickle rabbits.

GD= Mack, when he was younger, was the Sylvanian open tennis champion three years on the bounce. He had to give up playing when he got a bunion on his big toe. Now that he is older, he coaches his grandson, Oliver, who he expects to be the next champion. GM= Mabel is an expert at knitting and sewing, making all her own clothes, as well as those for her grandchildren. She was credited with making Mack the smartest dressed tennis player in Sylvania. D= Alex, the Sylvania signwriter, has to be incredibly patient when he is working, because one mistake and he has to start over again. His biggest job to date was preparing the signs and banners for the Brambles department store. M= Kate helps her husband, Alex, with the design and use of colour in his work as well as looking after the family. She gets very annoyed with Alex because he is always forgetting to change into his old work clothes for work and comes home with different coloured paw prints all over his trousers. This causes lots and lots of washing and ironing which Kate has little time for, being a very busy lady! B= Oliver is very good at tennis. When is grandfather, Mack , told him that one day he might become the Sylvanian open tennis champion, he thought that he was joking and said, "you cant be serious". S= Rebecca is an all-round athlete, playing rounders and hockey for the school, and tennis with her brother, whom she just loves to beat. She is always hopping from one game to another. BB= Jamie loves sleeping more than anything else, especially at meal times.His mother, Kate, is always having to tickle his paws to make him wake up and finish his meals. BS= Hannah loves having walks in the park, where she watches her sister, Rebecca, being sporty. She is always saying to her mother, Kate:"please let us watch Rebecca play."

45. Whiskers cats.

D= Sebastian works in the dairy preparing all the milk and dairy products for Mr webster the sylvanian milkman to take out on his milk round. When Sebastian leaves work at the end of the day he is always ladeb down with lots and lots of milk for his family. M= Katrina has a hundred and one recipes for milk dishes to serve up at meal times. With all the milk Sebastian brings home each day, this is a lucky thing for her family. The childrens favorite dish is milk pudding with custard and cream. B= Branson is always out and about, he only comes home for his meals and then he is out the door again in a flash. His father Sebastian is always complaining that Branson treats the family home as a hotel!  S= Amelia is fast asleep in some quiet, warm spot most of the day, awaiting the next meal. She must be the most cleanest child in sylvania, as she washes and grroms herself during most of her waking hours! BB= Jeremy and BG= Mallory always have sticky whiskers, as they spend most of their day in the dairy with their father. While he is not looking, they lick up any leftover milk, but of course the evidence stays on their whiskers!

46. Porridge bears.

D= Cuthbert is the best toymaker in Sylvania. His doll houses and dolls house furniture are every girls dream presents. Every boy would like one of Cuthberts wooden train sets or one of his cuddly bears. Cuthbert also makes a mess, but as he says; 'you cant make an omelette with out breaking eggs. M= Lauren likes everything neat and tidy, which is why she will not venture anywhere near Cuthberts workshop. The thought of all the mess upsets her, although she does like all the wonderful toys that are the end result of all his hard work and mess! B= Jack likes to work with his dad in the workshop, especially when there is painting to be done. Jack likes a mess and often gets more paint on his paws and face thanon the tou he is painting for his father. S= Chloe likes having all her friends stay for a sleepover, just so they can all play with her large dolls house and furniture. Together, Chloe and her friends have made their own curtains and carpets for the house. BB= Teddy and BG= Hetty could not be less alike! Teddy takes after his mother and has all his rattles and playthings placed neatly around him; whereas Hetty is completely hare-brained and can never remember where she has put her things, just like her father!


47. Hawthorn white mice.

D= Hickory is a very happy-go-lucky mouse and is quite content to go with the flow and fit in with everyone elses plans.He wants the quiet life, but his children are noisy and his wife, Imogen, nags him morning, noon and night. M= Imogen is one for getting up early and making a start on cleaning the house and preparing breakfast. She is always making plans and organising the family's week, with a visit here and a trip there. B= Bryce is quiet just like his dad. Quiet, thoughtful and always easy to please, he wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose. But put him on a football pitch and he turns into a little devil, who's loud and aggressive. S= Laurel is a very busy little girl. In between practicising her signature and learning 'twinkle, twinkle little star' on her piano, she insists on helping her mother make fairy cakes and her father with DIY jobs around the house. That's why her bedroom is in such a mess, she doesn't have time to tidy it! BB= Matt and BG= Mel love being taken out on day trips with their brother and sister.


48.Dale sheep.

D= Ewan is in charge of the Sylvanian orchards, keeping the grass short and the place tidy. He is very proud of his victoria plums and crisp, crunchy cox's pippins but has no time at all for most of the modern varieties. M= Barbara is a real family expert on fruit trees of every kind. Her busiest times are late autumn ans early spring, when she is in the orchard, prunning and re-shaping all the fruit trees and checking for any problems, very late into the evening. B= Winton loves helping his mother and father in the orchard. His favorite job is looking after the bonfire but before he can do this, he has to rake up all the fallen leaves and twigs, which he finds a bit boring and doesn't particulalry enjoy. However he is alwaysvery thorough, as he knows the more he collects, the bigger the bonfire will be! S= Iona has been given the important job of collecting and sorting all the different types of fruits. She much prefers this part time job than going to school, because she can chew to her hearts content, without any teacher telling her that it is not allowed! SBG= Emma really enjoys attempting to help the rest of the family in the orchard, even though she is very small. She is quite happy following everyone around the different trees, dragging an old fruit basket behind her. After being strung one afternoon by a wasp, she soon learnt not to pick up the fallen fruit on the ground! BB= Sean. BG= Shona.

49. Hamilton hamsters.

D= Huckleberry is the blacksmith. He enjoys nothing better than hammering the shoes for the Sylvanian ponies into shape on his anvil. The only drawback is that he gets very hot in the process! M= Hilda is the riding instructor. She is very lucky in that whenever any of the ponies throw a shoe, she can lead them straight to her husband who carries out the necessary repair. B= George is officially the apprentice blacksmith, but he'd much rather join Douglas Furbanks in his latest stage production. His dream is to one day play the male lead. S= Jane is very hard working and helps her mother, Hilda, at the riding school, brushing and cleaning to earn some pocket money. She also loves to help Captain seadog on the canal boat, but does this free of charge, as she has so much fun!  BB= Neil and BS= Christine are two very entertaining babies. Christine loves making alot of noise. Neil is a happy-go-lucky little boy, who will smile at anyone as long as they keep him supplied with lots of sweets!

new Slydale foxes. ( same bio as above.)


50. Keats cats.

D= Rosetti Longfellow, his delicate puff pastry creations are special treats. The pasty chef extraordinaire, he fills the kitchen with panache and flair. They say he's a poet with flour and yeast, because those chocolate dainties are a feast. M= Bronte runs the patisserie like clockwork, hard graft she's never known to shirk! Efficient she is in every way, she even has time to chat and play. To all her customers she is a friend, to all their whims she does attend.B= T S Elliot , a name no one beats. The longest name of all, a real mouthful to call. So Bronte has shortened it alot, from Tennyson Swift to TS Elliot. S= Shelley, the apple of her fathers eye, works with him and makes him sigh. Her artistic flair with just plain dough, can turn a cake into a rich gateau, and a plum-duffing into a princely plum pudding. SBB= Larkin. BB= Dylan. BG= Clare, the babies with lots of treats. They are the family tasters, when it comes to food they are no wasters. If they like the latest receipe or creation, it is bound to be a great sucess across the nation!

51. de Burg penguins.

D= Thaw runs a specialist catering company, providing every possible need, be it for a wedding party, an anniversary celebration or a large summer picnic for the whole of sylvania. Always smartly dressed, very deferential and politely spoken, he makes every customer feel special. M= Perma , is the maitre d' in the family catering business, which is quite an unusual job for a lady, taking bookings and ensuring that all the customers enjoy their meals. She also writes out all the menus by hand in the most beautiful flowing script. She is the busiest person in Sylvania, running the business and the family home. S= Storm , is top of her class at mathematics, lucky, because she looks after the families business accounts in her spare time, after doing her school homework. All her column entries are in perfect straight lines, every column balancing to the penny, her accounts are a work of art.B= Frost  is the waiter in the family business, when he is not working hard at school or playing football with his friends. He is very good at waiting on tables and all the customers love him. He is very nippy around the tables with his arms full of plates, rushing back and forth. SB= Polar. BB= Blue. BG= Snow. The babies love ice cream, but are yet to decide, which are their favorite favours.This gives them the perfect excuse to sample the hundreds of different favours availble again and again!

52. Pettyfur guinea-pigs.

D= Peter is a great ideas man when it comes to saving money. "turn the lights off and TV off when you leave a room." "You only need four inches of bathwater," and "turn the radiator down," "If you're cold, put on a jumper." are just a few of his better ideas! M= Penny is a very caring person who sorts out everyones troubles and problems. She has time for all, but no time for silly ideas or agruments, so she agrees with her husband, Peter's, latest wonder plan with a wink and a smile to the children! B= Andrew is the hardworking member of the family; he has to be as he aims to keep the peace by implementing his father's money saving ideas.His worst job is washing up as soon as the meal is finished, before what's left on the plates begins to stick and dry.....it saves on washing up liquid! S= Nicola is the 'saleswoman' of the familiy, which is why she loves her father, peter's ideas...she sells them to her friends in the school playground. "Give me 50p and I'll tell you how to save £8.75 a year." It gets them every time! BB= Simon spends his every waking moment on his toy phone, chatting about this and that. when penny, his mother, calls him for tea, she has to pretend to phone him, otherwise he won't hear her- he's on the phone! Bs= Lindsey is very loud and boisterous; the nursery is her kingdom and she rules it!  Peter, her father, can't even turn the light off in the nursery without her say so1 She is also the best at spelling in nursery school and is always correcting her family. 

53. McWalkies dogs.

D= Angus has a smallholding in the foothills of Sylvania, where he lives with his family; growing oats, fruit and vegetables. every saturday morning the whole family goes to market with the weeks produce loaded on their cart. There is always a queue of eager customers waiting to buy his delicious ware. M= Muriel is always busy; running the family home and helping Augus, her husband, in the fields, orchards and garden. She even finds time to make jams, preserves, chutney, pies and breakfast cerals from her husband's abundant harvest of home grown produce. B= Hamish loves to take long walks in the hills around his home, finding new plants and shrubs he can list in his 'i-spy wild flowers' notebook. His favorite find was a very tiny wild purple orchid, which was one plant that his father had not found before him. S= Janet wants to be a great poet and writer when she grows up. shes spends hours scribbling notes and ideas in her ledger. no great works as yet, she is still very young, but a filed of daffodils and a sky of drifting clouds are two thoughts she is working on at the moment. BB= Ben and BS= Billie are always bickering and agruing, "It's my turn!" "we agreed" and "I'm not finished yet," is all you hear from the nursery. Angus, their father, thinks they should start their own nursery just so they can get their own way.

Celebration babblebrook grey rabbits.

Bio differes slightly from above. D= Cliff has the gift of the gab. He tells the tallest tales you've ever heard with the straightest of faces. Everyone agrees that he should have been a second hand cars salesman, rather than a storekeeper! M= Crystal is the best cook in Sylvania, which is very surprising as her mother Pearl was the worst! Crystal has also written a 'cooking at home' book which covers everything from how to boil an egg, to how to bake a carrot cake. B= Bubba has themost amazing sense of hearing. He might be at the far side if the playground but he can still hear you open a sweet wrapper and be standing next to you in a flash. His mother teases him by telling everyone he can hear the grass grow! S= Breezy always likes to have her own way. Her mother, Crystal, thinks her father , Cliff, spoils her and should be firmer with her when she makes demands. He just shugs his shoulders and says: "How can you be cross with her when she has such a pretty smile?" OB= Richard is the strong, silent type who is good at sports and most of his academic subjects, but very, very shy. He wants to be a tree surgeon when he leaves college because it's a job where he would be working alone in the woods of Sylvania. OS= Judy is the most outgoing person you will ever meet! Everyone thinks she should have been called 'Breezy' or 'Bubbles', names that suit her perfectly. She breezes in and bubbles over with gaiety and a zest for life. BS= Coral is really noisy, especially when she is hungry. Hungry for attention, cuddles, a toy or food. Cliff, her father, thinks she could represent Sylvania in the noise olympics!


54. Peris persian cats.

D= Septimus is a master craftsman, making the most beautiful, colourful rugs that Sylvania has ever seen! Sitting at his loom, surrounded by wonderful complicated designs, Septimus creates his masterpieces in delicate silks and cottons on strudy jute stands. Why have the floor covered in a single coloured carpet, when I can give you the moon and stars in a rug?" he askes his customers. M= Salome , ia an artist and draws her inspiration from nature, she creates a lot of the intricate designs that her husband Septimus uses in his rugs. Sitting at her easel in the woods drawing and painting for hours, Salome feels at peace with the natural world that is all around her. B= Nolly, his idea of the 'purrfect' day is to play in the garden, only returning to the house at mealtimes. His favorite pasttime is to climb up all the different trees but predictably, he always seems to get stuck up the biggest tree! As soon as his father, Septimus, hears his son's cries for help, he mutters, "not again!" as he heads out into the garden.Nolly just shrugs his shoulders and smiles each time. S= Sadie, likes nothing better than to curl up with a good book in the sunniest part of the house. she can spend hours reading romantic novels in the sun's warm rays, oblivious to the world around her. BS= (Yellow) Roma and BS= (pink) Rona, are a bit destructive in the nursery.It's not that they are really naughty, just that they don't know any better! Between them, they've managed to pick holes in the wallpaper and scratched the paintwork on their cot and the nursey door.  BB= Marcuscan always be found, fast asleepon his sister's lap while she reads her books. He likes his sister because she always manages to find the sunniest spots to sit.

55. Chocolate rabbits.

D= Frasier has been making sweets since he was a young boy and he's now a confectioner of the highest calibre. It all started when his mother showed him how to make crystallised fruit, which is very easy, but his chocolate creations today are a work of art as well as tasting heavenly. M= Teri makes all the fillings for Frasier's chocolate creations; the strawberry surprise being the best. Her kitchen is always full of the rich smell of fruit mixed with the sweet smells of sugar and spices bubbling in pots. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it. B= Coco is not permitted to help his father or mother in the preparation of their confections concotions because he eats more than he makes! He's put to useful employment being delivery boy for the family. S= freya , unlike her brother, doesn't eat sweets or chocolate, so she helps her mother prepare the fillings. She does eat alot of fruit though! BB= (crawling) Kabe. BS= (sleeping) Breeze. BS= (standing) Creme, the babies like to help clean up after their parents, licking the chocolate covered spoons and bowls. Teri, their mother, is sure more chocolate is put on their clothes than in their tummies!

56. Hazelnut doormice.

D= Sidney is a bedmaker and a very good one too! His beds are very special because he insists on testing each and every one of them himself. Unfortunatly, because they're so comfortable, he keeps falling asleep and just can't keep up with customer demand. Between the yawns he will tell you that your bed will be ready in a week or three! M= Mona complements her husbands work perfectly by making bed linen, quilts, pillows and bed covers. Mona's new designs are beautifully colour co-ordinated, with great attention paid to detail in the trim and finish, but most importantly they keep you warm, snug and cosy in bed! B= Otto like his father loves his bed. His mother has to call him at least three times every morning to get up for school. However, saturday morning is different. This is the day Otto plays football and he gets himself up, dressed and grabs a quick breakfast before setting off to play without one prompt from his mother. S= Odette is a very quiet, softly spoken, shy young lady. All her schoolfriends make a point to look after her, making sure she is alright! Whether in the classroom or on the school bus, they take it in turns to check that she has not fallen asleep. BB= (crawling) Joe. BS= (sleeping) Jan, just love to snuggle up together. Their favorte spot is on the settee giggling together as they play amongst the cusions. BB. (standing) Ned is the only lively member of the family. Ned is noisy and boisterous, he does not walk anywhere, but skips along at great speed.

Celebration Timbertop Bears. (same bio as above).


57. Barker labrador dogs.

D= Jerry is the tour guide of Sylvania. He takes visitors to all the points of interest around sylvania and regales them with information about buildings and their origins, historical events and old customs. M= Margo runs the well organised tourist information office. The walls of Margo's office are full of posters and maps and she has leaflets full of details about everything that is happening in sylvania. B= Tarquin does everything at a sedate pace, he never runs or rushes around. If he could, he would spend all day, every day reading a book in front of the warm open fire in the family front room. S= Jocasta, unlike her brother is full of energy, rushing hither and thither like a mad thing. Give her a ball and she will play for hours in the garden even if there is no one else to play ball with! BB= Charles and BS= Cressida bounce around the house making a mess and a lot of noise. Their favorite game is rolling the lovely soft lavatory paper down the stairs. SB= Bettina is not quite as noisy as her baby brother and sister, but just as messy.

58. Walnut Squirrels.

D= Cedric is never happier than when he's organizing something. Whether it's a carnival, a wedding or a birthday party, Cedric will make sure it is a day to remember. M= Yardley is an expert beautician and hairdresser, Yardley loves nothing more than helping people to look their best. she always says, "Everyone has beauty in them and its my job to help that shine through!" B= Ralph is definatly the outdoor type. his trusty bicycle has carried him on some of his most exicting woodland expeditions and he is very rarely seen without it. S= Saffron is just mad about the colour yellow and says her favorite things are sunshine and buttercups. Her wardrobe is full of yellow clothes and even her bedroom is painted in her favorite colour! BB= (standing) Ambrose is still only small, but his father says he is going to go on and do great things. BB= Alfie and BS= Alyssa are possibly the best behaved babies in Sylvania. Alyssa goes off to primrose nursery every day witha smile on her face, while Alfie spends the days peacefully sleeping in his pushchair.

59. Grunt Pigs.

D= Richard E is a builder and a very good one. He builds lots of houses of all shapes, sizes and materials in the woods of Sylvania as well as garden walls, shops and schools. No job is too big or small for Richard E. M= Constance like her name suggests is constantly preparing food for her large, hungry family. Pastries for breakfast, biscuits and tarts for snacks, at least five vegtables for the main meals as well as puddings, it never ends! B= Hugh is a "chip off the old block" and hopes to become a builder like his dad. He has built his own den and treehouse in the garden as well as drawing up plans for a shed to store his tools, just like his fathers shed! S= May is a slave to fashion. She spends her time scanning magazines and shops for the latest designer outfits along with all the must have accessories. Once she has chosen her new look, she then works out how to alter her clothes to create a new outfit. BYellow= Little. BBlue= Minor. BRed= Tiny. They are always hungry and ready to eat their parents out of house and home. As Richard E, their father remarks to his wife Constance "At least they will eat anything and aren't picky with their food"!

60. Henry Lloyd Chocolate Dalmations.

D= Ben is a great sailor and fisherman. He started sailing with his parents when he was a boy and now he has mastered all kinds of watersports. His wife Pippa knows that he will spend morning, noon and night messing around on boats! If he can be persuaded onto dry land then he likes to play criket. M= Pippa also learned hoe to sail with her parents. She enjoys boating and sailing competitions and has taught her children that teamwork on board is essential so that they will all become competent sailors. If pippa has time to relax then she likes to cycle along the riverbank enjoying the views. B= Zac is very enthusiastic about rowing and also about music, as well as being an accomplished sailor. He finds it hard to fit in all the practising required to master all his hobbies, if only he could play a saxophone and row a boat at the same time, now that would be very handy! S= Sarah is very competitive and well organised. She enjoys regattas in the summer, in particular she enjoys the evening parties after the races are finished and the social side takes over. She loves to get dressed up and chat to her friends about the days events!  BB= Tom and BS= Wendy, these two would love to join the rest of their family on the water, but the only water their mother, Pippa, will let them play in or near is their bath water.

 Keat cat grandparents.

GD= MIlton is a poet who spends his day finding ways to make his written prose as beautiful as a wild climbing rose. Inspired by all the beauty around him, his desire to write will never grow dim. GM= Louise Carroll is also a writer, but of funny ryhmes rather than clever prose. Like the one of the rabbit that lost its nose! He didn't wash and began to smell, he could not tell so all was swell!

Maces mice grandparents

GD= Ashley has now retired, but he still cuts a dashing figure in his beret and smart jacket as he walks around the department store floors checking that everything is as it should be. He just can't break the habbit of a lifetime! GM= Laura like her darling husband has also retired, but noe spends time away from the store in meetings with her lady friends. Most of the meetings involve a spot of lunch!

Celebration Wildwood brown rabbits.

(same as above). OB= Ray from an early age was encouraged to sing and play the guitar at the family parties along with his sister Tina. Together they were very good and all the guests enjoyed the show, but now that he is older he prefers to party than sing. OS= Tina unlike her brother Ray still sings when ever she has the chance. Her mother belives Tina's voice is getting better and stronger all the time. "Tina could be a full time singer when she finishes college" Ginger tells everyone!

New small Honeybears. (same as above)

Also in 2009, the Fisher cat family were released but only in toysrus and at the sylvanian shopkeepers in London. Babies were released in 2010. Their bio is the same as the usa family.


New Billabong Koala's.

(with new bro and sis and twinset). (same as above). B= Clive is not the sporty typebut he does love talking about sport. In fact he can keep an audience amused for hours talking on a range of subjects from whats on tv to whats happened in the village recently. S= Germaine is prehaps the brightest girl in school. Unlike her brother she prefers to write her thoughts down rather than talk about them. 

61. Fielding Mice.

D= Darcy. is a cobbler and makes everything from clogs and boots to slippers and sandals. He is a very skilled craftsman, but he is also very shy and rarely says more than "thank you, madam" or " ready next week, sir" when sylvanians come into his shop. M= Bridget is a great help to her husband. She not only buys all the shiny materials and colourful laces that he needs to make his fine shoes, but she also assists him with his many customers. The only problem with this is that she is very shy too and rarely speaks above a whisper. Sometimes she has to repeat herself three or four times before people realise that shes even talking to them!  B= Daniel is as intelligent as can be. But it took his teachers a long time to discover this as he never says more than two words in class. It was only when he got top marks in every subject that they realised just how clever he was. S= Helen is as quiet as the rest of her family, except when it comes to netball. She walks out onto the netball court and begins to order everyone around as loudly as possible. CB= Clip. SLB= Clipperty. SB= Clop. The babies spend most of their time curled up together in one of the old wooden clogs their father once made. And when they're not fast asleep, they like nothing better tthan getting under their parents feet!

62. Buttercup Cows.

D= Hornbull loves walking through the fields and woods around sylvania all alone. He likes the peace and quite and gets all huffy and bad tempered if he is disturbed during his thoughtful strolls. some children find him quite frightening! M= Daisy is very nosey, and like to see and know what is going on. If she sees anyone out for a walk or off shopping, she will wander over and see what they are up to and have a chat! B= Paddock is very frisky, running, skipping and jumping everywhere, he just can't seem to stand still for long. All this pent up energy makes Paddock very good at the playground game of 'catch' but he is at a disadvantage when the children play a game of 'hide and seek'. S= Annabell does not like to rush anything. She walks slowly and gracefully, and has never been seen to run or even jog. Getting ready for school in the morning takes her hours. BB= Fennel and BS= Dolly are shy babies who don't like being away from their mother Daisy. They will not play by themselves when mother is doing housework, so she gives them a duster each and they follow her around the house dusting. BB= Cheddar. 

63. Golightly Silk Cats.

D= Fred graduated in many dance styles but his favorite is tap. He and his wife went on to open the Golightly School of dance, where he is the principal. He is a real inspiration to the children of Sylvania, who all think he dances like one of the great movie stars of old. M= Holly fulfilled her lifetimes ambition by opening the dance school with her husband Fred, having learnt to dance at her mothers school as a child. After taking lots of examinations she met Fred and they became dance partners in Latin and Ballroom and won many championships. Although Holly still loves to dance her real passion now is her children, whom she adores.B= Toby goes to dance classes most evevnings with his sister Tiffany, with the hope of becoming dance champions in Latin and Ballroom, just like their parents. Toby is very self-assured and loves all the costumes and sparkle, sometimes outshinning his sister! S= Tiffany is up early every morning, practising the new steps which she has been taught the previous evening. She tells Toby to do the same but he just seems to remember everthing and never puts a foot wrong! BG= Gilly. CBB= George. SBG= Ginni. The babies are anything but 'go-lightly'. They can be heard stomping around in their tap shoes throughout the day and think it is just super having tap lessons from their dad Fred.

64. Buckley Red Deers.

D= Rupert is head of games at St. Francis school. He is very enthusiatic and encourages  all the young Sylvanians to do their best in games. Rupert is also very enthusiatic about healthy eating, and likes to make salads and soups using ingredients grown in his own vegetable garden. M= Agatha is the headteacher of St. Francis school. Even when she was little, Agatha was very academic and always had her homework finished long before her friends. Being very kind though, she always helped others once she had finished. But od course, she made sure it was all their own work as copying is cheating! B= Freddie loves to paint. His favorite lesson at school is art and he is always getting his friends to sit still in the playground or on the school field so he can paint their portaits. Freddie is actually getting very good, and spends every lunch time in the art room practising. He even sold some paintings at the village show this summer. S= Maria is never happier than when in the water. She is a champion swimmer and has lots of badges on her swimming costume. Her father, rupert coaches her at weekends and afetr school down at the lake and is very proud of his little girl! SBB= Oscar can quite often be heard before he can be seen! Not because he is particularly loud, but because he talks all the time. Since he spoke his first words he has become increasing chatty and his parents find it difficult to get him to go to sleep in the evening as he wants to stay up and talk some more! CBB= matthew and SBG= Lily, want to be like their big brother, freddie, and are never happier than when colouring with their crayons. The rest of the family has to keep a close eye on them because Matthew and Lily haven't quite learnt the difference between the drawing paer and the dining room wall yet, much to their mother Agatha's dismay! 

65. Trunk Elephants.

D= Hugo is a lumberjack with the important job of keeping sylvania clean and tidy. Every morning he uses his strong trunk and huge tusks to clear fallen trees from the forest and every afternoon he rewards himself with a long mud bath and an even longer lie down! M= Savannah prefers to use her brain rather than her brawn! She has a wonderful memory and, much to the annoyance of her family, never forgets anything. Thats good news when it comes to their birthdays, of course, but bad news when it comes to any bad behaviour!  B= Ivor desperately wants to be a hockey player when he grows up. He has great stick control and now that his 'trunk skills' have improved so much, he shows great promise in goal. His dad thinks he should still train to be a lumberjack, just in case!  S= Nellie hates hockey, but loves ballet. The 'sugar plum fairy' is her favorite role and she practices the steps every chance she gets. She wears a beautiful pink tutu and satin ballet slippers- but only when her brother is not around! BB= peanut and BS= Nana are too small at the moment to help in the forest. As long as they've got a paddling pool and some buns they're quite happy!

66. Spotter Meercats.

D= Harry is the most alert and watchful- and it's a good job too as he has to check that there are no wildfires in the forest. As this vital role demands his total concentration, the other sylvanians have learnt not to take it personally if Harry ignores them completely!  M= Beatrix on the other hand is always warm and friendly. Just like Rose Timbertop she loves children and is often babysitting as many as twenty at a time. She bakes them fairy cakes and reads them fairy stories- and she counts them every fifteen minutes to make sure they're all still there! B= Alfie always has his head in a book. He often gets so absorbed in one of his adventure stories that he regularly forgets what day it is and has known to turn up for school on a saturday!  S= Gail would much rather go for a long walk in the sylvanian forest than read a book. She particularly enjoys strolling along by the river and picking wild flowers for her mother. BB= Peregrine. BS= Penelope. BS= Prudence. The babies are never far apart and spend their days wresling, sleeping... and then wrestling and sleeping some more!


Celebration Macavity cats.

(same as above). OB= Mistoffelees has spent his youth practicing magical conjuring tricks which he now enthrals his younger brother and sisters with. They all just love his, 'now you see it, now you don't ' as the vase of floers disapears into thin air! OS= Grizabella takes pride in her apperance, always dressed and groomed to perfection. She lists among her favorite things, clothes shopping, visiting the beauty salon and catching up on her beauty sleep. 

Celebration Snowwarren white rabbits.

(same as above). GD=  Bernard is well known as a furniture expert. There is nothing that he doesn't know about frames, springs, padding, fabrics and what makes a bed or chair really comfortable. Since he's retired he's very good at taking little naps in his various chairs around the house. GM=  Edith likes knitting scarves for everyone who has to work outdoors like fishermen, postmen or farmers. She's always busy by the fire with a good book, knitting and reading at the same time. 

New Mcburrows moles. ( same names and bio's as above).

67. Darwin monkeys.

D= Geoff knows more about nature than anyone in sylvania. He is a famous botanist and spends his days in the forest searching for flowers and plants. He is totally devoted to his work and loves nothing better than discovering an interesting new fern or orchid. M= Shirley carefully draws the plants and flowers her husband brings home each day. Her sketches are so detailed that once it took her over a week to draw a simple buttercup. But thankfully Geoff always thinks his wifes illustrations ae worth waiting for.B= Simion is far too energetic to be interested in plants or drawing. He parents think he's too energetic because if he's not playing football he's playing basketball, and if he's not playing basketball he's playing cricket. S= Katie ia almost as active as her brother. As one of the best gymnasts in sylvania she spends her days swinging on bars, balancing on beams and somersaulting over the floor. Her favorite event is the exercise horse as she loves to show off her strong arms- in fact Simion won't compete with her as he secretly suspects she's stronger than he is! BB= Bobo and BS= Bubbles go plant forageing every morning with their father and their artistic mother lets them play with crayons on her studio floor every afternoon. They often fall asleep before teatime!

68. Hunter-Symth chocolate labrador dogs.

D= Charles ia a very hard working farmer, who is up at six o'clock every morning, out in the fields tending his crops. Growing everything from cabbage to sweetcorn, sunflowers to barley and oats. Charles never stops, come rain or shine. There always seems to be yet another job to do! Ploughing, seeding, weeding, harvesting- busy, busy, thats our Charles. M= Camilla is the prfect farmers wife. As well as making jams and preserves during the fruit picking month, she also makes the most wonderful relishes with the vegetables as they are harvested. all these delicious creations, along with her husbands produce, she sells at the farmers market each friday morning. It's amazing that she still finds time to run the home and bring up five delightful children! B= Hector likes to get up at six o'clock with his father so that they can have breakfast together. His father makes the best porridge oats, which is then topped with a tablespoon of wild honey. Absolutely wonderful! The two of them then set off to do some work in the fields, before young Hector has to get ready for school! S= Isabella loves nothing better than to invite as many of her friends as her mother will allow to stay, for a sleepover. They all arrive after school with their overnight bags and after raiding the kitchen, they all rush off to the farmyard for a grand game of hide and seek amongst the barns and out buildings, until it's time for supper. Later on, with lots of sweets, treats and a story, the girls giggle and chat way past their bedtime. BB= Thomas. BS= Georgina. They will play house given any opportunity, even with an old cardboard box. Before you know it, the box will be full of household items such as cusions for beds, books for a table and chairs. A motherly voice can sometimes be heard emanating from the box, announcing that it's time for cleaning teeth and going to bed! SB= Gerard.

Buttercup Cow grandparents.

GD= Augus formed the Sylvanian ramblers club to encourage everyone to take up walking as a healthy and relaxing pursuit. Along with his wife, Bessie, he also ensures that all the local footpaths are kept in good repair and clear for everyone to use and enjoy. " Footpaths are part of our great Sylvanian heritage", he is often heard to proclaim. GM= Bessie like her husband angus, enjoys the great outdoors with its scenic beauty and healthy freash air. As a pround member of the Sylvanian ramblers club, she is in charge of producing the club's leaflets which let everyone know the best scenic routes around Sylvania, and she is a stickler at reminding people to close the gates behing them!

Spotter Meercat grandparents.

GD= cliff is very proud of Harry- he knows spotting wildfires is one of the most important jobs in sylvania. He likes to make himself useful too and often helps his son when he is busy. Harry never puts his father on duty for too long though. he knows he's not as young as he used to be and has a habit of falling asleep in the afternoon. GM= Clarice also likes to be helpful and regularly looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy. The only problem is she can't tell Penelope, Prudence or Peregrine apart and often calls them by the wrong name, much to the triplets amusement!

69. Beaufort polar bears.

D= Sven loves pushing his pink and green ice-cream cart all over sylvania, that's because everyone is so delighted when he shows up. The moment the children hear the melodic chimes or 'greensleeves' they all rush out to buy one of his loolies or ice cream cones.Sven always makes sure there is one each left for him and his children! M= Vania makes hie husband's lollies and ice creams using only the very best ingredients so her ice creams are always deliciously creamy and her lollies delightfully fruity. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla seem to be the most popular flavours in sylvania. Her favorite is glacier mint and has been ever since she was a small child. B= Valentine might hate ice cream but he does love ice skating. He goes to the sylvania ice rink every weekend with his sister Verity  and they glide around the ice together pretending to be torvill and dean. S= Verity wants to be a famous figure skater just like her brother. She would love to be in the winter olympics and win a gold medal for sylvania. She practices far more than Valentine, but she just can't master a proper spin without getting dizzy and sometimes falling over.BB= Victor and BS= Victoria are quite a handful. They are never where they are suppose to be and are always fighting. It is only pretend fighting though as they would be quite lost without each other!

70. Springer kangeroos.

 D= Bruce runs the Sylvanian cricket club and is also captain of the team. Depending on what team wins the toss of the coin he either opens the batting or begins the bowling. His finest hour- and it did only take an hour- was when he bowled out the entire second eleven for only twelve runs and then opened the batting for his team and hit all of the first three balls for six. What a win! M= Shelia is a great all round sportswoman and is especially good at netball. She is often found at the netball courts either playing her favorite position of goal defence or coaching one of the junior teams.She works hard at all her sports, encouraging her children to do the same. "Winning is not everything, beating your personal best is!" she claims. S= Joanne, like the rest of her family is sports mad. Her favorite activity is running; to be precise, long distance running. She trains very hard at this, getting up at 6 o'clock every morning in order to run round the fields, having a quick shower before she dashes off to catch the school bus.Teeny baby= Joey loves to play bat and ball with his father, Bruce. He usually misses the ball with the bat, which makes both him and his daddy laugh. BB= Joseph and  BG= Josephine love to put on the colourful netball bibs and bounce a ball between each other.

71. Lopez chihuahaus.

D= Cesar is a highly acclaimed wedding planner, known for his unprecedented style and innovation. No detail is too small when planning the most important day for both the bride and the mother of the bride. "It must be a dream come true!" claims Cesar, the flawless professional as he struts around nodding and flashing his charming smile in a greeting to each guest. M= Conchita is the bridal consultant with meticulous organisational skills, dedication, and a love of her work. Her job is to discuss and help the bride-to-be realise her dream wedding, then to consult and plan that special dream day with her husband, Cesar, in every detail to ensure that the dream comes true! B= Pablo is a little terror, always up to no good! He teases and upsets his sister and all her friends, endlessly chasing them with wriggly spiders and worms. One of his favorite pranks is to hide one of Laya's shoes and it always seems to be just before she needs to leave for school! Pablo is not the nicest of little boys, but boys will be boys! S= Laya would like to be a wedding planner or consultant when she is older, so she spends hours helping her mother and father at work. In the evenings she likes to design and create new ideas for wedding dresses, cakes and flower decorations because her father keeps reminding her; "Each wedding detail must be unique, exquisite and special! BB= Pepi and BS= Lola are no trouble at all and are very, very quiet.All they seem to do is eat and sleep, sleep and eat.

72. Fletcher border collies.

D= Stanley is a forest ranger. He knows everything there is to know about living in the great outdoors and loves to share his knowledge with the boys and girls of Sylvania. Whatever Stanley has planned, you can be sure he always rounds everyone up at the end of each day and leads them safely back home. M= Petunia loves to fuss, she always checks to see that her husband has a spare compass in his pocket, as well as extra batteries for his torch. Even if the sun is shinning she puts an extra sweater in his rucksack - well you never know when it might get a little chilly! S= Jodie is quite different to everyone else in her family. She is very quiet and loves being at home playing with her favorite toy figurines. Her favorite game is to hide them all over the garden, she then likes to round them all up! B= Scott is just like his father. He loves being surrounded by nature and wants to be a forest ranger too when he grows up. But all he can think of at the moment is cross country running. Whatever the weather he can be found deep in the Sylvanian countryside running! BB= Jeremy. BS= Mia. They never keep still. They are always racing each other around the garden and if they are not jumping over the daffodils they are jumping over each other! They only quieten down after their exasperated mother tell them to!

73. Columbus Celebration Seabreeze Rabbits.

D= Lawrence has just sailed into sylvania, another epic sea voyage behind him. This brave seafaring captain just loves life on the ocean wave and is happy to go where the tradewinds take him. Of course, everyone in sylvania looks forward to his return with equal pleasure. The children can't wait to hear about his latest adventures, especially as mermaids, lost underwater cities and even the mysterious sylvania triangle regularly feature in his tales!  M= Doris always accompanies her husband whenever he sets off on one of his 'mystery voyages', as she likes to call them. She says she is not sure he would ever find his way back otherwise! She keeps herself busy by writing the captains log, a daily account of all the activities and events on the ship. It's also her job to make sure everyone on board has healthy meals with lots of fruit and vegatables. She suspects they would all eat out of tins if it wasn't for her!  B= Tristan loves life at sea just as much as his father does. He is busy learning all the ropes and has high hopes that one day he will be a ships captain too. Just at the moment though his job as a cabin boy keeps him very busy.His tasks range from swabbing decks and tying knots to polishing the brass buttons on the captains uniform. When he gets bigger Tristan is hoping that his father will finally allow him to climb up the mast and be the first one to spot land. S= Morgan sometimes wishes that her family would spend a little more time on land! She knows just how lucky she is to go on all these seafaring adventures with them, but she is always glad when her father decides to set sail for home. Everyone knows when Morgan is particularly happy as she can be heard singing one of her favorite sea shanties. She has a lovely voice but her brother Tristan always makes out his ears are hurting and pretends to jump overboard! BG= Nessie always goes along on the voyades too. Her mother thinks she is the most well-behaved baby in the world as the motion of the waves lulls her to sleep so quickly!

Celebration Beagle family. (same as above)

OB= Barnarby has just gone off to college. His parents expected him to join the family business when he left school, but Barnarby thinks he was born to write not bake! Prunella still hopes her son's first book will be about how to make the perfect loaf! OS= Beverly is just as clever as Barnarby, but she is not so confident yet. She is not quite sure what she wants to do with her future, so has decided to take a gap year. She thinks that if she tries out lots of different things, she will find it much easier to make a decision!


Dale Sheep Grandparents.

GD= Wesley planted up the origial orchard that his son Ewan now attends. Wesley walks through the orchard whenever he has the chance, not to check that Ewan is doing a good job of looking after the fruit trees, but rather to reminisce about the good old days when he was a young man. GM= Dove regularly looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy in the orchard. She would look after them all the time if she could. The grandchildren love her because she plays games with them, she is not very good at 'hide' but excellent at 'seek'. Best of all they love her cooking!

Water Beaver twin babies. (same as above).

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents.

GD= Rhys has a sweet tooth for crystalised fruit. His wife Patrica is really good at turning all kinds of fruit into jars full of sticky delights. Rhys therefore spends hours every day searching for new foods for his wife to perserve and bottle. GM= Patrica when she was younger loved to share all the cooking and preparations tasks with her now grown up children. These cooking lessons in her old kitchen lead to her son, Frazier becoming a confectioner when he grew up and a very good confectioner he is!

74. Beaman Ginger Cats.

D= Larry is a chunky fellow, who is a great asset to the Sylvanian rugby team and is a little partial to the cakes served at Blackcurrant cafe. M= Geraldine is always beautifully dressed and manicured, no hair or whisker out of place! Good manners are everything to Geraldine, something she insists on at the table and in life itself! B= Boris, some may perceive him as a quiet boy but his sparkly eyes and his cheeky smile give away his big personality! S=Lucille does not like to rush anything. She glides through life, taking time to watch and enjoy every moment. Her secret is to start early, so there is no rush to finish, be it dressing in the morning or doing her homework after school. Nice and easy does it! BG= Helly. TB= Spout. TG= Pickle.

75. Depembroke Corgi Dogs.

D= Duke is charming and very debonair, but does have a tendency to put his foot in things. His wife has perfected a stare for when he's about to do it. M= Queenie is very much the head of the family, and rules the roost. She is lovely and kind but don't make her cross or you will be treated to the stare. B= Earl is as cheeky as he is charming. His mother likes to keep an eye on him so that he does not get into trouble. S= Duchess is a little miss goody two shoes. She's good at everything and is liked by everyone in the village as she's always willing to lend a hand. BB= Prince. BG= Lady.

76.Hopkins Champagne Rabbits.

D= Don is at his happiness of a morning, especially after a good nights sleep. His afficacious, full bodied approach and positive attitude of 'don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today' helps him through his busy day. Although by late evening he sometimes feels a little flat! M= Adrianne has an effervescent personality, her enthusiatic approach to everyday tasks makes her household one of the happiest in the village. Her bubbly smile and cheery 'good mornings' on the school run, gives a 'fizz' to everyone she meets!  B= Roger is a jolly little fellow, happy to pop hiether or thither on errands for his mother. With his intoxicating laugh and funny jokes he cheers everyone up, except his teacher who has to burst his little bubble with "Roger, less laughter and a little more school work please."  S= Rosa is rather shy, blushing at the slightest attention paid to her! But she is always 'tickled pink' when her friends come around after school to see her. They sit around together in the garden sharing a jug of homemade raspberry lemonade, which is Rosa's favorite drink as the pink bubbles tickle her nose. Blue BB= Nicholas. Red & Yellow BG= Crystal and Lauren. They are known by everyone as the 'little grapes' because they are always snuggling and cuddling in a bunch close togetherand if they are seperated they tend to whine and cry alot!


 Celebration Underwod badger family. (same names and bio's as above) GD= Patrick. GM= Mildred. BG= April.


77. Harvey grey cat family.D= Perkin runs the village store that was started by his now retired mother and father many moons ago. Perkin thoroughly enjoys his work, meeting and greeting his friendly customers and keeping the store clean and tidy with all the shelves well stocked and the fruit and vegatables beautifully presented in racks and baskets.  M= Dorothy. B= Austin likes to help his mother and father in the store and would love to run the store himself one day. He is encouraged by his Grandfather Bert, whom would like the family business to stay in the family. S= Zara is not very keen on working in the family business, she finds the whole process of shopkeeping rather tiresome and annoying. So she is working hard at her schoolwork with the idea of going to University to get a degree in social economics. SBG= Liberty. GD= Bert opened the village store many moons ago with his darling wife Joyes and even though they have both now retired and the store is run by their son, Perkin, neither of them can completely let go. Bert likes to pop into the store most afternoons, just to see that everything is alright. oh! and while he is there he might as well restock and tidy the shelves! GM= Joyes like her husband Bert, enjoyed her long working life in the village store and misses chatting to the customers. So she also pops into the store most days with a "you look like you need a break and a cup of refreshing tea! Followed by, " Don't worry, I can look after the till!"

78. Neptune Sea Otter family.

D= Caspian spends as much time as he can with his family swimming in the sea even during those cold, windswept winter days. After a refreshing swim he enjoys a long walk along the beach looking for 'treasure' - strange bits and pieces the sea has washed up on the golden sands. Caspian has quite a large 'treasure' trove displayed around the family home. M= Nerissa likes everything neat and tidy in her family home and her husband and daughters 'treasure' collection makes for a lot of extra dusting and cleaning! Narissa has decided this is a small price to pay for all the family time together on the beach.  S= Shelley is a beach comber like her father. Her love is sea shells of all shapes and sizes. The shell colours are so bright and shiny when they are wet but so dull by the time she has carried them home. So with the help of her father, they varnish the shells to bring out the bright colours, before adding them to her vast shell collection. BS= Sandy loves building and knocking down sandcastles and like the rest of her family is also a beach collector, she collects sand! In her clothes, in her hair, between her toes, everywhere!

79.Redwood Panda family.

D= Wibur (Merlot) grows some of the best grapes in Sylvania on the sunny slopes, just south of the village. He grows many different varieties, some for the fruit bowl as well as some to make delightful red and white wines, but everyones favourite is the one he grows for his wifes deliciously sweet grape juice. M=  Fliss(Shiraz) is the one who turns Merlot's juicy plump grapes, not only into excellent red and white wines, but she also creates a scrumptious grape juice, which can only be described as 'the nectar of gods!'. S= Frances (Cherry) wants to be famous for a special drink like her mother, so she spends alot of time helping Merlot, her father and Shiraz, her mother, in order to learn as much as possible about how the different drinks are made. She is experimenting with a grape juice with mango at the moment and both her parents are proud to help and advise. BG= Cali (Cranberry) loves the seedless grapes her father grows for fruit salad. She often wonders how he manages to grow grapes without any seeds, after all, you need seeds to grow a vine in the first place! This problem has not put her off the grapes and she would eat them non-stop if she could.


80. osbourne bear family

D= arthur osbourne is the teacher at country tree school. m= carol likes to read, especially cook books! her favorite things to bake are fruit pies and chocolate chip cookies. b= aidan loves to play sports, especially football. But all that activity makes him very hungry and he can often be found tucking into a hamburger, his favorite food! s= ava can be very shy at times and is happiest when outdoors tending to the garden and admiring all the pretty flowers. sb= jason can never stop smiling, but he saves his biggest smiles for hid mummy! ts= bradley likes playing games with his older brothers, aien and jason. his other love in life are lolipops. tc= casey is always smiling and laughing. she likes to play outside in the garden while her older sister, ava, tends to the plants.

90. Goldback hamster family.

d= nick works at the forest nursery as the double decker bus driver. he drives round the village every morning picking up all the toddlers from their houses and drops them at the nursery. m= emma works at the forest nursery as the kindergarrten teacher. every day the toddlers come to the nursery to make friends, play, sing, dance and learn their abc's. emma is the perfect teacher for them. b= frank dreams of becoming a proffessional athlete. every lunch time you will find him out on the running track behind the school trying to improve on his best times for the 100m sprint and the 200m hurdles. s= nora is an aspiring writer! she recently wrote the script for the production of prince charming at the country tree school and all the girls are exicted about auditioning for the role of the princess.sb= micki loves to dance, all you have to do is play some music and hes off! ts&c, nibbles and flitz are nappers! they are always asleep in their cosy twin crib, making them the quietest members of their entire family!

91. woodbrook beaver family.

d= andrew is a fantastic carpenter and always helps his neighbours with all their home projects. m= aubrey is an amazing bicyclist and loves to go with her children for a stroll around the park on sunny dayss= evelyn spends most of her free time swimming with her friends. bb= ethan loves splashing around the baby pool on warm days.


chocolate rabbit grandparents. 2015 edition. grandpa rhys has dreamt of learning to sail since he was a boy. Now in retirement his lifelong ambition has come to fruition and he and his wife patricia have brought a houseboat! rhys also treated himself to a smart sailors jacket with gold cuffs. he now looks quite the part! Grandma patricia loves life on the ocean waves! They spend the weekends boating out in the deep blue sea, often taking their grandchildren with them and exploring the islands they find on their travels. patricia likes to keep a ships log of all the different places they visit and likes to read it to the grandchildren like a bedtime story.

Poloraris polar bear family. D=peter loves the ocean and always tells stories about faraway seas. he also studies about the sea enthusiastically. he loves to wear his knitted scarf that his daughter made him, to keep warm. m=barbara loves cooking. her delicious meals make everyone in her family very happy. she is fond of strawberry ice cream and eats it with her baby, beth, even during the winter when it is warm and cosy inside. s= julia is a gentle girl who loves knitting. she knits beautiful sweaters, gloves and scarves for her friends and family. her thoughtful presents make everyone feel warm both inside and outside. bs= beth loves ice cream. her dream is to become an ice cream shop owner. she treasures the vanilla white scarf her sister knitted for her.

Sandy striped cat family. d= simon. m=amelia. b= shane. s= sabrina. bs= apricot. tb= scott. ts= skyler.

marlowe tuxedo cat family. d= mason. m= natalie. s= lily. s= rose.

Fenton yellow labrador family. d= barker. m= lucy. b= buddy. s= sadie. bs= poppy likes to act like a grown up. when her father tries to take a photo, she puts on a prim expression and poses for the camera. she also likes to try on lots of cute dresses whenever she goes to the dress shop with her mother. tb= marley likes to play his toy trumpet. he looks happiest when he is playing his trumpet together with his sister sadie on the piano. in fact, the whole family enjoys the cute duos performances. ts.shiloh wants to be a pretty girl like her big sister sadie. she always watches sadie and tries to copy how she moves. but she looks most cute to the grown ups when she cant quite copy her sister exactly right.

Brightfield goat family. d= billy. m= nancy. s= mandy. bs= jenny.