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Figure sets list.


 This is a list of figure sets availble.

1987. wedding sets. Windward brown rabbits, Hickory and Lily.Sweetwater grey bears, Morris and kelsey. Honeypot brown bears, Woody and Hazel. Brighteyes grey rabbits, Bobby and Louisa.

1989. student lucy bear with rucksack, books and a pencil.

1992/93. Doctor murdoch, milkman mr webster, dandelion twin set, nurse emily nightingale with cottage hospital, samuel stamp with post office, may blossom with village florist, pageboy peter&bridesmaid pippa, nurse florence merryweather.

1993/94. edward&primrose hedges wedding set, policeman bobby roberts with bike, captain seadog with boat&accessories, captains crew, teacher with accessories mr merryweather.

1994/95. suzette and basil, waitress and chef set.

1996. Solitare woodland wedding set with Humphrey and prunella, zack and zara.

1997. 10th anniversary families. babblebrooks, mcburrows, timbertops. primrose creche babies.

1997/98. nanny timbertop&baby timothy with pram, baby birthday party set with puddles puppy & kara kangeroo, roxy renard with home interior set, carrie&danny renard with carousel, baden&mikaela renard with camping set, eric renard with playground set. meadows parents with meadowcroft cottage.  Meadows twin babies. grandmas coffee break with pearl babblebrook.

2001. kindergarden set with william beagle&halley petite, beverley butterglove goes to school, endeavour norwoods first day at school, professor butterglove school set, russell buttergloves playtime with cecile and playpen, millie norwoods bathtime with mum brie and bath&highchair.

2003. village gift shop with harold beagle&mrs butterglove, charlotte merryweather party dress shopping, katy norwood birthday present shopping, madeline merryweather with village boutique, stroll in the park with yvonne bearbury&harriet, oliver bearbury's first bicycle, antonia beagles picnic set, angeles bearbury's bedtime set, playtime with father with william&percy beagle, playtime with mother with fiona&prunella beagle.

2004. antonia beagle's gymkhana set with willow the pony, stable boy set with harold beagle, sophie snowwarren's dolls house, connor&keri's pram ride with lettuce snowwarren and book, the tea party with hollie wildwood&andromeda petite and book, music time with father with henry&harry bearbury. 

2005. primrose creche figure set, nursery figure set, school camping set with esme chantilly, lollipop man maurice chantilly&dinnerlady dorothy patches, polar bear exchange pupil twins, malcolms games lesson, marjories gymnastics set, a visit to the dress shop with margaret&halley petite and book, betty hazelwood with toyshop, christian chantilly's bedtime set, the new arrival with myriam&jacques chantilly.

2006. nursery sandpit with iain meadows and cecile butterglove, periwinkle wedding couple with chapel, bridesmaid set with melody&mini, father christmas set, bus jigsaw with father sparkle rabbit, willow hall jigsaw with mother sparkle rabbit, village bakery jigsaw with brother sparkle rabbit, primrose nursery jigsaw with sister sparkle rabbit.

2007. teacup babies, swimming adventure set with bella&bertie patches,  housekeeping set, butler set, ballroom set,  sister butterglove with rose cottage, picnic in the park with brother&baby brother buttergloves, cycling with mother with penny&rally farthing, bathtime with mother with donna&audrey butterglove, music lesson set with constance&charlotta, birthday celebration set with angeles, oliver&harriet bearbury.

2008. cristopher appleblossom with watermill bakery, juice bar with betty blackberry, farmers cart and pony with bob blackberry& blacksocks, doctor murdoch Jr with bike, emily nightingale with wheelchair, dentist set with spencer clearwater, ballet lessons with jane&justine appleblossom, sewing with mother with sybil&stephanie clearwater, winter fun with polly&dolly polarstar.

2009. hairdresser father patches with beauty salon, ingrid blackberry's camping set, day at the seaside with farthing father&son, maurice chantilly with garden barbeque set, bikes and picnic set with roxy&baden renard, yvette blackberry with rowing boat, sister farthing with applewood cottage, mother at home set with tailbury dog, sister at home set with tailbury dog, brother at home set with tailbury dog.

2010. rainbow nursey figure set, peter petite postman set, bus driver and conductor set with olive&stan butler, motorcycle and sidecar with mildred&george mulberry, toymakers set with uncle edward mulberry, waltzing figures set with grace&kelly, grandmother at home set with tailbury dog, grandfather at home set with tailbury dog, father at home set with tailbury dog, babies at home set with tailbury babies.

2011. farm shop with auntie dolly buttercup, wendy dale with vegetable patch, uncle penleigh buttercup with farmers cart and dapple the horse, beekeeper and beehive with horace honeybear, school music lesson with henry bearbury, school sports day with barry periwinkle&katy norwood, school nurse set with brie norwood, school pupils set with constance cheshire&charlie basset, school play set with carlotta basset&gregory cheshire, dinner lady dorothy patches and lollipop man eric renard, nurse emily nightingale with hospital bed, paramedic thomas nightingale with patient owen bearbury, chocalate rabbit sister with sycamore cottage, birthday party with glynn &gwendolyn simpkins. christmas party set with chocalate rabbit santa. limited edition royal wedding celebration set with william and catherine balmoral, louise and amelia periwickle, james periwinkle and rev kelvin waters.

2012. 25th anniversary sets. policeman bobby roberts and policebox, maypole dancers abbie keats and poppy dappledawn. sylvanian games sets.  athletics set with cousins jessica buckley and ron barker. gymnastics set with uncle ken golightly and cousin judy darwin. show jumping set witj cousin kirstie hamilton and jester the horse. winners set with cousins, jocelyn springer, suraya blackberry and adam maces.swimming set with bertie and bella patches.

bride and groom, jonathon and tabitha butterglove. bridesmaid and flowergirl, charlotte and olivia brighteyes. rowing set with andrea osborne. tandam bike and baby cart with auntie daphne keats and ellie and may. ice cream driver and vendor with uncle vincent and auntie violet beaufort. wedding photographer, uncle cecil maces. waitress marion brighteyes.

2012. ice skating duo with jayne golightly and christopher tailbury. canoe set with older sister martha mulberry. beach fun and games with auntie bethany and cousin sunny blackberry. cycling adventire with cousin millie buckley. sleepover set with sister evie meadows. washday set with mother maisie meadows. skidoo with uncle nigel and cousin lisa snowwarren. special edition baby nursery furniture with creme chocolate, larkin kests and ambrose walnut. Dressing up time with Hannah and michael kennelworth.

2013. Katie and Mazie go shopping. Village store owners with Bert and Joyes Harvey. Elsies ice cream cart with Elsie Buttercup.Fish and chip seller and customer with Francesca osborne and Sunny Barker.Hazel and Rhianna's day out with Granma Hazel and rianna Dappledawn. Cherries day at the seaside with Cherrie Chocalate. Dolly's candy floss with Dolly Dale.

 New Arrival families. The Babblebrooks (rabbits) with George(son of cliff), Harriet and baby girl Freddie. The Devon's (cats) with Ian, Camilla and baby girl matilda. The McFarlane's (bears) with Nicholas, Elizabeth and baby boy Albie. The Dingles (sheep) with Dominic, Rebecca and baby girl Katharina.