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sylvanian info


Sylvanian families were first lauched in Japan in 1985 by a company called epoch. They were lauched in the UK in 1987 by Tomy. Flair took over production in 1999. Sylvanians are called calico critters in the USA.

The baby panda's were called remi and lena but are now called chichi and mimi.

In the uk the meadows mice parents came with the meadowcroft thatched cottage and some furniture in 1997. The twins, Harvey and Jess were availble seperatly., a crawling and a sitting baby.A brother and sister were only availble in the USA and are very rare. the usa babies are standing and also rare.

The snow-warren babies are called blackie and alice but in the pram ride set they are called conner and kerri.

sophie snow-warren has a middle name, treasure. This is because she likes to collect things from the forest in her basket.

The Dandelion twins, lavender and Larkspur were released in 1992. They were found under some leaves by Tamsie Honeybear when she was looking for berries.

The billabongs koalas were released in 1994 in the uk but didnt include a brother and sister. The USA set did and these figures are very rare. In 2010 flair released the bilabongs with a brother and sister. They also changed the babies to laying and crawling.

It was the 10th anniversary in 1997. Three special early years families were availble. The timbertop parents with Ivy, the Mcburrows with muddy and the babblebrooks with bubba. A primrose creche set with four babies, a grey bear in pink, a light brown rabbit in yellow, a tailbury dog in blue and a hedgehog in yellow. Three re-released books with a character, bud timbertops sports day with bud with a white cross on his head, winky treefellow builds\a kite and cliff babblebrooks rafe race. There were 8 of these books originally.

Its the 25th anniversary in 2012. flair have released, policeman bobby roberts and his phonebox, the seabreeze rabbit family and a maypole dancers set.

Please contact me if you can think of any other things I can add!

2014. epoch take over sylvanians!