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UK collectors club



UK collectors club.

The uk sylvanian club was started in 1992. It cost £7.50 to join for which you received, belinda brighteyes, 4 club mags, a certificate and a special club badge. In 1997 the club pack changed to a badge, certificate, 3 club mags, a stationary set and a address and birthday book for £4.99. In 2001 the club pack contained, a badge , certificate, 4 club mags and a sationary set for £4.99. 2004, certificate, badge, dvd, 4 club mags for £9.99. 2005. certificate, badge, 4 club mags, dvd or cottontail grandparents for 9.99. 2009, a choice of the grandparents or cream cat wedding couple. 2011, a choice of cream cats or school sports day cheerleaders.

Offers in1990's  club magazines. 1st club mag 1992. 10 piece kitchen set. 10 piece baby play set and pram. 2nd club mag.green car. 3rd club mag. sweet tiding domes. 4th club mag. baby slide set and/or baby swing set with or without baby wild boars.all three with four ramdom babies. besty oakwood and flower cart. pony and accessories. pony and ice cream cart.story cassette tape.Other club mags: policeman badger, bike, phone box. dandelion twins, playpen, mobile, nursery cuboard. doctor murdoch and bunkbeds. dinner service and country kitchen utensils. village florist with flower cart.  flower cart with furbanks bro and sis. B&W tv. grill set. log effect fireplace and accessories. school band set. 

noughties club magazine offers. brass band set. empty shop building on own or with a set, pizza, boutique, interior, shoe, handicraft or garden centre. christmas fairy set. grandfather clock and accessories. ceramic cookware set. garden centre. garden shed.camping set. free party set when buying the jp cake shop or jp kindergarten. free quincy with garden centre or garden shed. brighteyes wedding set. honeypot wedding set. bridesmaid and pageboy. save money when buying all three together. white car. free antonia picnic set with garden centre, chair garden set and fence garden set. buy any furniture set and get free food item. free clothes set with any family. buy a large furniture set and get free small furniture item. half price bramble cottage with sylvanian market. jp skiing set. party set. free quincy with sunlouger set, garden set or vegetable set. tomy france baby carry cases, beaver, bear, rabbit, raccoon. buffet lunch counter. jp village patisserie and cake shop accessories. Jp clothing sets, set of four. baby school play costume set. Jp older macavity sister dress set.  nursery bus. kindergarten baby set. soup counter. farmers cart, horse and vegtable garden.  usa fancy dress costume set.dresser box set with older chocalate rabbit sister. JP school play set. garden set and free bbq. around the world box sets. 

2012. beechwood hall value pack with father and brother at home sets. blue car with free periwickle grandad. burgundy red car. courtyard restaurant with four figures, rose, birch, bud and ivy timbertop. chick and bunny set. father at home set. otter family. reindeer family.